The Best Medical Schools in New Jersey

What are the best medical schools in New Jersey? Medicine is one of the best courses in the world to study.

It has grown very popular and the need to fill the industry with professionals has risen. Coupled with intensive competition, the healthcare sector has proven to be challenging yet rewarding and fulfilling.

Given the high number of schools offering medical science programs, it will be best for one to carefully select the institution before commitment. 

Many hiring companies do not rule out the significance of school in the development of talents and skills hence one who attends a better medical institution may have an advantage over those who didn’t.

Though the learning curriculum might be the same for both, there is a gap in terms of clinical experience, tutorship, equipment, facilities, and quality of education.

In short, some of the best medical schools are relatively affordable and doesn’t necessarily come with a high price tag. The same applies in New Jersey which is one of the most culturally significant locations in the United States. 

Here is the list of the best medical schools in New Jersey;

5. Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine (Nutley, NJ)

By and large, the Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine (HMSON) deserves its spot among the best medical schools in New Jersey. The prominent medical school is widely known for its affiliation with Seton Hall University – a unique class of an institution.

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This institution has two standard research facilities and is affiliated with 16 health centres to help students to gain real-time experience in the field.

Its two standard research facilities are the Institute for Multiple Myeloma and Lymphoma and the Hackensack Meridian Hospital Center for Discovery and Innovation. These two focuses on the discovery of drugs and the relationship between one disease and another.

Through these research institutes, most of the students studying in the school has contributed to many of the medical innovations in medicine.

More so, this medical institution emphasizes a patient’s complete body care. It aims at producing graduates that will serve the New Jersey community and the entire country at large.

Thus, scholars are taught the Human Dimension which according to HMSON helps aspiring medical practitioners to

“understand the role of community and context in health and wellbeing, as well as the role of the physician in all elements that contribute to promoting health and preventing disease.”

4. Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine (Stratford, NJ)

Coming in among the top four best medical schools in New Jersey is the Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine (Rowan SOM).  

The school has six multiple-age/gender patient simulator’s for students to use and learn their trade. One significant advantage of the university is that students have good knowledge of complex clinical practice given the complicated nature of laboratory practicals.

Also, the medical school is affiliated with Virtua Lourdes Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital. This health care service provider offers thirteen (13) different clinical centres as well as a state-of-the-art facilities.

More so, the institution is one of the few in the states to receive a $1 million grant; given to developing preventive measures to ensure that AIDS patients stand a lower risk of getting worse.

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3. Rowan University Cooper Medical School (Camden, NJ)

The Rowan University Cooper Medical School (CMRSU) is preferably the best medical college in terms of community engagement.

It has caught the attention of the American Association of Medical Colleges which gave it the award of the Spencer Foreman Award for Outstanding Community Engagement.

One of the few objectives of the school is “community integration” and it aims at producing brains that will professionally serve the society with their wealth of knowledge. 

Students are also taught humanistic education and are subjected to innovative research. This has opened up doors for the school to pocket a research grant of $3.97 as well as pioneer its educative Pre-Medical Urban Leaders Summer Enrichment Program (PULSE).

Additionally, the medical institution combines rigorous coursework with clinical experience to mould aspiring medical practitioners into professionals in the field.

2. Rutgers University Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (New Brunswick, NJ)

The Rutgers University Robert Wood Johnson Medical School sits in the second spot on the list of the best medical schools in New Jersey.

Located in Brunswick, the school is among the most diversified medical college in the state and was ranked #26 for it by World Report in 2020.

One of its learning models is the application of compassion and humanism in the treatment of patients’ disorders. Students also have access to the school medical facilities and health care equipment.

Furthermore, Rutgers University medical school boost a large population of highly qualified medical lectures; some of which are frontiers in their different medical fields. Hence, aspiring medical practitioners learn from one of the best in their fields.

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1. Rutgers New Jersey Medical School (Newark, NJ)

Beating others on the list, the crown of the best medical school in New Jersey goes to the Rutgers New Jersey Medical School.

Located in Newark, the medical institution is classified as a premium university in the field.

Over the past years, the university has constantly been moulding some of the best brains in medicine and is highly regarded in the country as a whole.

It adopts a teaching method that blends research with clinical experience to ensure that students understand the rudiments and fundamentals of medical science. 

The school adopts a learning curriculum that combines lots of models. This ranges from small-group learning to rigorous coursework. The aim of it is to ensure that scholars are positively impacted all year round.

The university also pockets millions of dollars in research and deservingly so. It pioneers most of the innovation in medical science in the country and its students are always part and parcel of the work. 

They are taught neuroscience, cardiovascular biology, visual science among others and are guided, mentored, and tutored by professionals in the field.


That was all on the best medical schools in New Jersey. If you’re living around the city and aspire to become a medical practitioner, the above-mentioned universities offer the best medical education in the City.

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