The Best Nursing Schools in Arizona

Best Nursing Schools in Arizona: What are they?

It is difficult to imagine a hospital or clinic without nurse(s). This sect of medical professionals plays an important role in the healing process of a patient.

Hence their presence ensures fast and efficient treatment of patients. By definition, Nursing is a branch of medical science that deals with the therapy of an individual or community.

Nurses play the support role to doctors as they have the power to prescribe drugs and medications to patients. However, it can be ascertained that nurses have different approaches and roles during the healing process.

Though the entire sub medical field deals with how to treat and show care for patients, Nurses tends to be the ones that have taken it to the personal level. 

That’s why seeing a nurse forming a bond with patient and supplying all available support is common. This is one significant part of their duties that has stood them out.

Specialist Areas in Nursing

Just like most medical fields, nursing has many branches. Each of these areas of specialisation comes with varying job roles, functions, and duties. 

Here are the different specialist’s areas in the field of Nursing;

  1. Cardiac Nursing 

Cardiac Nursing is the specialist that deals with the cardiovascular system. Apart from treating various cardiac disorders which range from heart failure to artery disease, they also provide after-therapy medication.

This branch of nursing also performs several complex functions including stress test evaluations. Given their nature of work, it’s not quite easy to get a certification. 

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Advanced Cardiac Life Support certification is strictly awarded to competent practitioners that have met the demanded requirements.

Here are some of the sectors where cardiac nurses can be found:

  • Cardiac wards
  • CCU
  • Cardiac Surgery Wards
  • ICU
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre
  • Cardiac Catheterisation
  • Clinical Research among others
  1. Palliative Care 

Palliative Care deals with the therapy of complex disorders. It focuses primarily on mitigating medical deficiencies and ensuring that patients are revived.

The Palliative Care Unit is composed of a combination of several medical professionals that cuts across Nurses, doctors, and psychologists to physical therapists.

They care extensively for patients with chronic diseases irrespective of the age group. More so, while initiatives like early test and diagnosis form parts of their assignments, these nurses deal majorly with the therapy of near-death illnesses.

  1. Obstetrical or Perinatal Nursing

Obstetrical or Perinatal nursing, generally, deals with pregnancy. This speciality of nursing care for the pregnant hopefuls, the ones carrying a child, and mothers who recently put to birth.

During the pregnancy period, complications are likely bound to occur. These difficulties are mostly due to reproductive disorders which may be hereditary.

Perinatal nurses care and support pregnant women during the period. They also provide prenatal care, support during the delivery period, and aid the new mothers to regain themselves.

While these nurses work hand-in-hand with midwives, they also alliance with obstetricians. 

  1. Oncology Nursing 

Oncology Nursing is a speciality that is related to the care of cancer patients. The field is advanced and requires a knowledge of oncology. 

Oncology nurses are required to take advanced courses outside the typical traditional nursing coursework as well as obtain professional certifications to be licensed for practice.

They perform functions that range from symptom management to preventive measures and aids in the quick recovery of cancer patients.

  1. Perioperative Nursing

Perioperative nurses deals with surgery and its related terminologies. It is the branch of nursing that provides care for patients undergoing surgery.

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As a result of this, they mostly work in conjunction with surgeons, as well as nurse anaesthetics among others.  Apart from caring for the patients in the operating room, Perioperative nurses also provide support for the patient’s family.

These health professionals also assist in providing guidelines for the successful therapy of the patient. It is complicated and demands rigorous academic coursework.

  1. Orthopaedic or Orthopedic nursing

This branch of nursing deals with the diagnosis and care of patients with musculoskeletal disorders. Professionals on this nursing specialist undergo intensive education on the human skeletal system. 

Hence, they are drilled on how to care for patients with bone-related disorders. These medical professionals can be found in hospitals, clinics, health centres among others.

  1. Emergency Nursing 

Emergency Nurses treats patients on the radar of death. These medical practitioners diagnose patients with fatal casualties and assist in preventing long-term medical disorders as a result of the process. 

They also perform other functions like caring for victims of rape and drug abusers. 

Best Nursing Schools in Arizona 

The United States is a great country to study Nursing. It has lots of medical schools which provide quality education.

Arizona is a state in the US with notable medical schools. It also has top-rated nursing schools which have not only ranked high within the State but nationally as well. 

These are the best nursing schools in Arizona;

5. Grand Canyon University College of Nursing and Healthcare Professions 

Highlights: Grand Canyon University College of Nursing and Healthcare Professions is among the best school of nursing in Arizona

  • A top Christian college
  • Availability of online degree programs
  • Credible bachelor and master’s degree program
  • Availability of some financial aid initiatives

4. Brookline College

Highlights: Brookline College is located in Phoenix

  • This top-ranking school of nursing began operation in 1979
  • This college has a large variety of nursing programs
  • Presence of both online and offline degree programs
  • Availability of fast-paced BSN program; allowing one to obtain a degree in 32 months minimum
  • The school offers Job placement guide 
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3. Northern Arizona University School of Nursing

Highlights: Northern Arizona University School of Nursing has excellent community programs

  • Ranks 3rd on the list of best schools of nursing in Arizona
  • Availability of online bachelor’s master’s, and doctorate programs
  • This top school focuses primarily on producing caring nurses

2. University of Arizona College of Nursing 

Highlights: University of Arizona College of Nursing is located in Tucson

  • This school is a flagship university
  • It offers the 39th best national master’s degree program in Nursing 
  • This medical school is affiliated with DAISY Foundation
  • Its Doctorate Nursing program is the country’s 33rd best
  • Presence of state-of-the-art nursing facility 

1. Arizona State University Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation

Highlights: Arizona State University Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation offers the 39th best national master’s degree program in Nursing

  • This school tops the list of best schools of Nursing in Arizona
  • It offers the 27th best doctorate nursing program in the country
  • Presence of state-of-the-art nursing facility


Nursing is one of the most sought-after medical specialists. They provide care and support for patients, standing by them through the trying times.

It’s a rewarding career with huge prospects. If you’re interested in studying this medical profession in Arizona, then you’ve just visited the right page.

There are several schools of nursing in the state which delivers high-quality education. This post entails the highlights of these schools and other necessary information.

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