The Best Medical Schools in Maryland

What are the best medical schools in Maryland?

The medical field plays an important role in the lives of each and every one of us. It is arguably the most relevant field of study and is characterised by intensive academic competition.

Scholars in the field are seldom advised to attend just any institution because it’s one of those programs that needs one to learn from the best.

The medical arena understands that human life is a valuable tool and weapon, thus it ensures that proper accreditation and approval process is duly followed before approving a medical school.

If you’re living in the United States or probably new to the area, Maryland might not be the first State or City to consider when weighing options for studying medicine.

However, Maryland is believed to be among the best places in the States to embark on your medical journey. 

Here are one or two things to note about Maryland.

Geographical Location

With nicknames ranging from “Free State” to “Little America”, Maryland is located in the Southern region of the United States. It’s among the smallest states in the US with an area of 32,133.2 km2. 

On its east: Maryland is bounded by Delaware, on the north by Pennsylvania; on South and West by Virginia, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia.


Aside from being notorious for its agriculture and fishing culture, Maryland boosted over 400 biotechnology companies. It has one of the State’s most innovative life sciences.  

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Also, the state hosts lots of government research establishments including the National Institute of Standards and Technology shortly known as NIST,

 the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and the notorious Emergent BioSolutions.

Additionally, Maryland also prospers in the health sector and has exciting prospects for tourism.

Cost of Living 

Maryland has one of the highest costs of living in the United States. Its home market is by and large expensive thus the cost of goods and services is way above that of the national average.

The monthly average rental for a single individual is $1,357; $334 higher than the national average though it gets higher around $2,000 depending on the family size it can contain.

Overall, one needs not less than $30,000 annually to live in Maryland. For the family of four at most, around $90,000 is needed to fare comfortably. 

However, there are lots of good-paying job opportunities in the State for both locals and visitors. According to statistics, over 80% of international students studying in the area are working part-time to support themselves.

Additionally, the state is close to major metropolitan and has a well-planned transportation network all-round.

The Best Medical Schools in Maryland

To verify how credible a medical school or any learning establishment is in the United States, one needs to check its ranking on the world report as well as the magazine U.S. News.

Other important details that come to play are access to research opportunities, internship & externship programs, the standard of admission requirement, and the learning curriculum.

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Listed below are the best medical schools in Maryland to attend;

3. University of the Health Sciences F. Edward Hébert School of Medicine

University of the health sciences offers a style of education that combines ethical military practises with paramilitary services. It aims to produce graduates that will serve the roles of doctors, nurses, and medical experts in the military unit.

By default, admitted students are automatically part of the US military service and are expected to serve the country for a certain period of time; as custom demands.

The school admits a total of around 170 scholars in the first year and subdivide them into groups.

Group A are the army students which consist of 63 members; Group B with a population of 51 students are classified as airforce personnel while the last major group is the navy which contains 51 students.

Though the school is daunting and stressful to attend, there are a lot of incentives attached to it. They include military ranking, salaries, humanitarian services, junior officers monthly salary and free textbooks.

2. University of Maryland School of Medicine

The University of Maryland School of Medicine may not be among the State’s elite medical institutions, but it has offered medical education for more than 2,000 years. 

If you’ve been guessing the institution responsible for the discovery that HIV is responsible for AIDS, then (there you go) this is the answer. 

The university is a research-intensive establishment thus pockets an incentive of $537 million.

It is also one of the pioneer health establishments that contributed to the fight against the triple-threat; malaria, Measles, and Ebola. On top of it, this university discovered the first variant of human retrovirus and has a host of programs to help in the diagnosis of psychiatric-related disorders.

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Students are assigned to work in the school’s medical centres where they are exposed and some involved in most health ground-breaking innovations.

1. The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Given its prestigious start-up history that saw four of the country’s best medical experts aligned together, the John Hopkins University is a force to reckon with when it comes to quality of medical education.

The university though is not funded and doesn’t receive research funding like the University of Maryland, it ranks as the 7th best research centre and overall best on Surgery,  Anesthesiology, and radiology by the World Report and the United States News.

The school is affiliated with a host of medical centres and is regarded for its innovation. Medical Students studying in the university are taught the fabrics of medicine and moulded into world-class practitioners.


The study of medicine is more likely bound to open the door of possibilities to most medical schools but the importance of the attended institutions shouldn’t be underestimated.

While several universities in the United States are known for offering standard medical education, some have demonstrated dominance in terms of innovation, research, and quality of graduates.

Being new or a resident of Maryland doesn’t limit access to those medical educational qualities. The three listed learning establishments above are the best for medical education in the State.

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