The 10 Best Ophthalmology Schools in the US

What are the best ophthalmology schools in the US? Ophthalmology may not be a well-renounced career path yet it’s one of the most sought-after medical fields in academics. The eye – which is the vision of the body, has deficiencies and illnesses and those who know how well to treat them are ophthalmologists. 

However, the quality of what an ophthalmologist learns and the ability to apply it in a real-life situation depends a lot on the attended school. 

If you’re looking for the best ophthalmology schools to avail yourself of in the US, then this is the right page to be on. The country has lots of universities that offer the program but the best are;

10. University of Rochester 

University of Rochester Kicks-off the list of the best ophthalmology schools in the US.

It offers a special residency program that enables and boosts students to gain practical knowledge via clinical training.

The university is a performer when it comes to the quality of laboratories thus prospective medical practitioners are offered the luxury of vast clinical training and rigorous research work.

More so, it has a wealth of experienced tutors; which some are contributing enormously to their various fields of medical discipline.

9. University of North Carolina

The University of North Carolina is a long-standing higher education establishment that is known for its voluntary and domestic health-related programs.

The university adopts a style of education that inculcates research and voluntarily health care participation. Also, Potential ophthalmologists in this university are responsible for creating a good number of Carolina residents.

This makes it one of the best colleges in the US to be in terms of clinical experience.

8. University of Colorado 

The University of Colorado offers one of the best Ophthalmology residency programs in the States.

The school is affiliated with a good number of medical centres and this gives students the avenue to get involved “practical wise.”

It adopts critical learning and skill acquisition to ensure that its students are groomed to be among the finest in the country.

7. Columbia University 

Columbia University is one of the best ophthalmology schools in the United States.

The higher learning institute offers an intensive vision science curriculum and targets to be a leading powerhouse of the States ophthalmologist. 

The university hosts lots of eye-related research and allows its students to gain clinical experience anywhere in the country.

Also, the educational establishment uses its up-to-date medical laboratories and standard intensive-based curriculum to train ophthalmologists.

6. Western Reserve University

Coming in next on the list as the 6th best ophthalmology school in the United States is the Western Reserve University.

The university is particularly known for honing some of the nation’s best surgical ophthalmologists. This may be attributed to its impressive clinical practice and rigorous coursework.

Students are also entitled to take advantage of the school affiliations with the surrounding clinical centres to gain industry-based practical experience. They can use this opportunity to network with professionals in ophthalmology and garner insights on the career path.

5. Thomas Jefferson University 

Thomas Jefferson University is a long-standing learning institution that is widely regarded in the United States.

The school offer the career field under the department of Ophthalmology and it’s characterised by state-of-the-art facilities, reputable tutors and research opportunities. More so, the school ranks high when it comes to medical innovativeness and the department is among the elites.

Also, Aspirants are eligible to gain clinical experience by participating in health-related programs. This may be within the geographical location of the university or outside.

4. Stanford University 

Stanford University is among the top four best ophthalmology schools in the US. This prestigious University offers the medical course under its School of Medicine.

The learning institution uses a more practical-based teaching approach to impact and fortifies upcoming ophthalmologists with the necessary skill required to reach the peak of professionalism. 

Also, with options ranging from Oculoplastics to Glaucoma, students are at liberty to major in any sub-field that suits their academic desires. 

Furthermore, these categorised fields are handled in such a way that they all are interwoven with each other thus each student graduate with a high level of knowledge in all and major in a particular one.

3. University of Pennsylvania 

The University of Pennsylvania is the third-best ophthalmology school in the United States.

It also ranks among the best in terms of staff strength in the field; more than 50 clinical staff spread across the department’s 17 subfields.

This university combines rigorous coursework with clinical experience to tailor aspiring ophthalmologists to professionals. Also, these upcoming scholars are tutored by industry professionals who also advises on the medical career path.

2. University of Pittsburgh

Founded in 1787, the University of Pittsburgh is one of the oldest educational establishments on the list.

This university has a long history of moulding competent ophthalmologists; some of which have ranked among the best in the industry.

Also, the school uses a high and standard teaching curriculum and students are exposed to real-time clinical experience. Students are also given the avenue to network socially with their professional comrades.

  1. Yale University

Beating others on the list, Yale University is the best ophthalmology school in the United States. 

This top-rated educational learning institute offers the course as the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Science. It engages aspiring ophthalmologists in intensive research and provides well equipped laboratory tools and equipment for practical work.

Most of the scholars doing the program at this citadel of learning are among the finest in the states and are recognised because of their innovativeness and contribution to the field.


Vision plays an important role in the chemistry of the human body. The eye which is the pathway for vision does have several deficiencies whose solution is known best by a professional ophthalmologist. 

This medical career path is growing more popular each day and has gradually pushed itself to be among the most sought after worldwide. 

So, if you’re planning on getting a degree in the field from the best provider, do well to consider any of the above-mentioned top-rated colleges for aspiring ophthalmologists.

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