The King’s University Acceptance Rate, Tuition, Courses & Requirements

The King’s University is a Christian Canadian university that is located in Alberta. This prestigious university is set in an international community and boost of a multi-ethnic students population.

This learning establishment is among the most sought after in Canada and offers a high quality of education. It also parades a wide range of degree programs hence students are at liberty to explore their academic interests.

If you desire to know the university’s requirements, acceptance rate, tuition fees and degree programs then you have landed on the right page.

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  • Wide range of academic degree-awarding programs
  • International/multi-ethnic student community 
  • Flexible tuition fee payment option
  • Diversified academic track
  • Quality education
  • High acceptance rate
  • Availability of strong student support and career development track

The King’s University Acceptance Rate

Acceptance rate is the measure of how easy it is for one to get admitted in a particular school. This metrics is very important when planning on applying for admission into any University.

The King’s University is a top-rated academic establishment with a somewhat easy-to-meet entry requirement. This prestigious school has an acceptance rate of 70%. 

This is pretty high hence students seeking to get admitted in this school should have less or little difficulty in doing that.

Nevertheless, the school’s entry requirement are a little bit tasky but with a high acceptance rate such as this, the odds of getting admitted is still favourable.


The king’s university doesn’t have a general tuition for all students. It is subdivided hence what Canadians students pay is different from want International Students are charged.

Here is a complete breakdown of the tuition;

Canadian Scholars 

This prestigious university charged students based on the number of credits they offer. For a full course load, Canadian students are charged $6,541. 

Other fees include student fees, orientation fee, student healthcare plans, and fees for academic supplies. 

They are charged $797.50, $160.00, $200.00, and $650 respectively.

Non-Canadian (International) Students 

International students are also charged based on the number of credits. A full credit consist of 15.5 credits and is charged $422 per credit.

International students are charged $6,541 per term. Other fees include International Student fees, student fees, orientation fee, student healthcare plans, and fees for academic supplies. 

They are charged $2,500, $797.50, $160.00, $200.00, and $650 respectively.

Note: The King’s University is located in Canada so if you’re considering giving it a shot, you’ll need to consider the country’s living cost. 

The amount suggested by the university for other living expenses apart from the tuition fee is $27,500. This educational establishment avers that that the said amount will cover for accommodation, feeding, transportation, materials, entertainment among others.


One of the merits of the King’s University is the availability of financial aid schemes. Being affiliated with Alberta college, the university has an abundance of need-based and academic-based scholarship opportunities.

Hence, it’s best to start preparing early because the more equipped your academic profile is, the better the chances of being a beneficiary.

The King’s University Courses

King’s University has a large degree-awarding course network. The certifications offered by this prestigious university are Bachelor of Science. Bachelor of Education. Bachelor of Commerce. Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Art among other certifications.

Also, the university offers over 40 different fields of discipline and they are orderly listed below;

  • Bachelor of commerce – Accounting
  • Bachelor of science – Biology
  • Bachelor of commerce – Business
  • Environmental Management
  • Non-Profit and Social Entrepreneurship
  • Small Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Canadian Studies
  • Bachelor of science – Chemistry Christianity and Contemporary Culture
  • Communication Arts
  • Computing Science
  • Computer Graphics and Visualisation
  • Secure Computing
  • Software Systems Development
  • Drama 
  • Economics
  • Bachelor of Education – Elementary
  • Bachelor of Education – Secondary
  • Bachelor of Arts – English
  • Environmental studies
  • Geography
  • Bachelor of Arts – History
  • Bachelor of Science – Interdisciplinary Science
  • Bachelor of Science – Kinesiology
  • Bachelor of Science – Mathematics
  • Bachelor of Arts – Music
  • Music Education
  • Piano Pedagogy
  • Bachelor of Arts – Philosophy
  • Bachelor of Arts – Political Science 
  • Bachelor of Arts – Politics, History, and Economics
  • Public Policy Studies
  • Psychology
  • Bachelor of Arts – Social Sciences
  • Bachelor of Arts – Sociology
  • Bachelor of Arts – Theology
  • Artist’s Diploma
  • Church Music
  • Justice and Development
  • Performer’s Certificate
  • Alumni and Community Chorus
  • Interdisciplinary Study Conference 

Academic Requirements 

The King’s university requires aspiring scholars to meet some certain standard requirement before being offered admission.

Here is what you need to know about the university’s admission criteria…

International students Admission Criteria 

International students seeking to study in this Canadian educational establishment should meet the following criteria;

Bachelor of Science. Bachelor of Education. Bachelor of Commerce. Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Art

  • International students are required to possess a good English language proficiency test scores. Any standard test is accepted but not every score can offer one admission. Hence, the better it is, the higher the chances of getting admitted
  • For Advanced and Ordinary Level, the students should have a total average of over 60%. This should include the compulsory English language and any other relevant arts, science, or commercial related courses.

Advanced Placement

This is strictly for scholars who who had completed their AP courses. Eligible candidate with no college education are to ensure that they meet the school’s age requirement.

International Baccalaureate

This is strictly for scholars who had completed their IB courses. Other requirements available are good academic profile and letters of recommendation.

United States Admission Requirements

Scholars are required to have an ACT score of not less than 20. The higher the score is the better the chances of one getting admitted. 

Also, on each of the courses, students are expected to score above the 15 benchmark.


Studying in Canada can be a wonderful adventure and experience. It is one of the best places to study in the world hence its quality of education is high.

The King’s University which is located in Alberta offers an excellent education that combines rigorous coursework and hands-on activities. It also has qualified teaching staff and well-equipped laboratories.

This post highlights The King’s University Acceptance Rate, Tuition, Courses & Requirements.

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