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The Mitchell Scholarship Program 2023 | Easy Guide to Apply and Get it

The Mitchell scholarship is one of the prestigious financial aid offers worldwide. The scholarship is also highly sought-after due to the benefits it comes with.

If you’re interested in getting the Mitchell scholarship (2023) offer, then this page is the right one for you. Read on to discover how to apply for the financial aid program and get it as well as other information.

Application Deadline

All application materials must be submitted via the web application before 17:00 ET on 30 September 2023. The candidate is solely responsible for submitting his/her application and ensuring that each of the four letters of recommendation and approval (mandatory) for college studies  actual staple) is prepared during the exercise.

If you are an undergraduate student, remember that the deadline for school or university to receive institutional support will be earlier than the deadline for submitting applications for the Mitchell Scholarship (now, again, sooner).  

If this is not a problem, consult your guide to install these features before starting the software interaction.  Graduate students and graduates who have a university degree during the application deadline do not provide institutional accreditation.

Besides, if this is not the case, please note: Your application may be reviewed by a party consultant, provided you use the “WRITE ONLY” form via the application form prior to submission.  Once you have submitted your application, neither you nor your lawyer will be able to undo or view it.

Filling the Application Form

You can save your work while continuing to return to the app later to complete it.  You do not have to fill in the blanks on a specific application.  Save your work at all times as web browsers may be declining.  

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Use the “View my work” button in each section to see if you missed any required sections.  If you do not have a lot of power, make sure you consider the acceptable height in each field.  You will have one last door opened to check your request on the Check and Submit tab.

Submitting Your Application

When you submit your application, you will receive a confirmation email.  After the invitation, you will be taken only to the application status page, where you can see your letters of recommendation and registration.  

Before submitting your request, make sure you have access to your suggestions, as you will certainly be sending updates notifications from the status page, but you will not be able to change your suggestion again.

The Video interview

You will receive an email from the Irish company Modern Hire about a video conference required less than 12 hours after the closing time of the app.  You will receive this email as long as you have sent the full application.  

The application video must be completed and collected before 17:00 ET Monday, October 3, 2023. Video conferences are another way to meet a candidate.  

Mitchell Scholars will serve as ambassadors for the Mitchell Scholarship and for the United States abroad. 

To complete the video chat, you need a good web connection, a quiet place to record the meeting, and a computer with a camera and receiver.  The meeting lasts less than 10 minutes. 

You will have the opportunity to answer essay questions. When the meeting itself starts, you can not slow down or enjoy a little free time. You will see four text questions on your screen and answer them orally within the allotted time. Note that your answers will be recorded.

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Materials Needed To Complete The Application

  • Image style tag (JPG, PNG, PDF)
  • All filters filtered in one PDF (please enter your citizen registration number if you are aware).  This should include any graduate and graduate work you have completed.  Informal records are sufficient for basic applications.  Graduates must submit a formal record before their final meeting.
  • Individual ad (1,000 words plus conclusion).  Personal information is your opportunity to communicate your goals and aspirations and address why the Mitchell Scholarship and Focus in Ireland or possibly Northern Ireland works equally well for your future.
  • Output of your brand (JPG, PNG, PDF).

Additionally, candidates selected as graduates will be contacted to provide:

  • Proof of US Citizenship
  • Official minutes of all minutes in an immutable envelope or in an electronic frame protected directly from the candidate registration center.

Note that qualified applicants who are ready to enter the full prize competition must submit an application.

More so, the candidate for the Mitchell Scholarship Program must meet each of the accompanying examples:

  • Becoming a U.S. citizen
  • Be 18 years of age or older but still not 30 years old on the date the request is expected.  For example, if the completion date is 29 September and you will turn 30 on September 28, you are not eligible.
  • Hold a four-year certificate from an accredited college or university before starting to enroll as a Mitchell Scholar.  Degrees from international empowerment universities are appropriate, with the possibility that the remaining conditions have been met.

Furthermore, when candidates who are married or have participants are identified, the cost of escorting, partners or relatives is not reimbursed by the candidate. 

It is important to note that non-European Union partners may be required by the relevant government office in Ireland or Northern Ireland to verify property in that year in order to obtain the required visa or residence permit.

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The Mitchell Scholarship program Financial Worth

The Mitchell Scholarship program provides full tuition, housing (almost available) and a monthly living allowance – this stipends amount to $1,250 USD for a one-year academic scholarship on the island. 

Moreover, United States and Ireland also provide and directly discuss US-Ireland travel tickets. Every Mitchell Scholar is responsible for obtaining and funding their own treatment abroad. 


Getting the Mitchell scholarship is not easy but can be done. Just like most other scholarships, this type requires one to carefully follow its application procedures as well as requirements.

Fortunately, this post is a guide that entails how to properly apply for the scholarship so as to increase the possibility of getting it soon.

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