Top 10 Best Nursing Schools In Maine

If you wish to become a registered nurse (RN), you have two options for obtaining your license:

  1. Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN or ASN)  or
  2. Bachelor’s degree in Sciences in Nursing (BSN).

Both fulfil Maine’s licensure system requirements and prepare students for the NCLEX-RN, which is a standard test for nurses.

No matter which option you pick, whatever you decide to do, all nurses who want to practice from Maine must begin the process with education before they are an RN.

10 Best Nursing Schools In Maine

In this article, I want to show you the top 10 best nursing schools in Maine that will allow you to decide which is best for you. In review, I’ll be considering various aspects such as Rankings, NCLEX Pass Rate, Tuition fee, Acceptance rates if available and whether or not they tutor students online.

NOTE; Since nursing careers come in many specialisations and forms, the most prestigious 10 Maine nursing schools cannot be listed in a specific order and ranking.

To provide you with the most accessible information and resources to know the best school to go for based on your specialisation, Here’s a complete list of the top 10 Best nursing Schools In Maine.

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Below, I’ve taken the liberty to provide you with a more in-depth analysis of each school, including what education methods they offer and frequently asked questions & answers about everything you need to know in getting a nursing license in Maine.

The Top 10 Nursing Schools In Maine

1. Husson University

Top 10 Best Nursing Schools In Maine

Based out of the bustling region in Bangor, Husson University combines more than 100 years of experience in traditional educational methods with hands-on learning that lets students draw on their previous experiences to build their degrees. This nursing degree is provided through an alliance with Eastern Maine Medical Center.

However, the degrees are awarded offered through Husson University. Students in the undergraduate program take the BSN in nursing. Graduate students choose either the family nurse practitioner program (with the possibility of an MSN with a postmaster’s certificate options) or the nursing program for mental health nurses. Students have the exact tuition cost, making this an excellent alternative for students not from the state.

2. The University of Maine at Fort Kent

Top 10 Best Nursing Schools In Maine

The University of Maine at Fort Kent is located close to its Canadian boundary within St. John Valley. This is an excellent location for those who enjoy the outdoors and mountains views. Of course, nursing students spend an adequate amount of time pursuing their degrees.

UMFK is the second-largest college nurses’ degree within Maine; UMFK has three BSN alternatives: a conventional BSN and an advanced second-degree BSN and an online BSN for nurses. Recent graduates performed exceptionally excellently on the NCLEX exam, With 111 of the 119 graduates who graduated in 2019 passing the test in their first attempt.

3. University of Southern Maine

Top 10 Best Nursing Schools In Maine

The three campuses are located in Portland, Gorham, and Lewiston, The University of Southern Maine, is one of the largest institutes for higher learning in Maine. In the end, USM also has the highest number of BSN nursing students from Maine. The Traditional BSN program prepares students for the NCLEX and starts one of the numerous master’s nursing degrees offered at USM. Other undergraduate choices include an online RN-BSN and an advanced Second degree BSN. Nurses who have already obtained an RN licensure in Maine can also choose to enrol in the RN Master’s of Science in Nursing (MSN) program.

4. Saint Joseph’s College of Maine

Top 10 Best Nursing Schools In Maine

Saint Joseph’s College of Maine is a private Catholic liberal arts institution located in Standish. Established in the past 100 years through the Sisters of Mercy, Saint Joseph’s is home to just 3,500 students, with only 1,000 on campus. Studies online comprise most of Saint Joseph’s curriculum, which includes its nursing program. Three nursing programs offered — that of the MSN or RN BSN can be completed on the internet, while just the conventional BSN is provided on campus. The tiny amount of BSN could be a factor in the student’s success since the majority of graduates completed the NCLEX in their first attempt in the year 2019.

5. Purdue University Global

Top 10 Best Nursing Schools In Maine

Global campuses typically don’t have on-campus programs. But, Purdue University Global has two campuses in Maine nursing students can take part in their ASN program. The ASN provides accelerated, 10-week classes and has a high NCLEX passing rate for graduates. If you’re hoping to get a BSN, Purdue Global counts some of the ASN credits towards the on-campus or online RN-BSN. The undergraduate courses within New Hampshire have the exact tuition cost per credit ($315), which means that students can budget their expenses to earn whatever degree they are planning to make.

6. The University of Maine at Orono

Top 10 Best Nursing Schools In Maine

The University of Maine at Orono is, also known by Orono, or the University of Maine is the most prestigious public research institution located in Maine. It is ranked as one of the top green universities in the country by The Princeton Review; the more than 10,000 students in the undergraduate program enjoy an environment close to nature.

They also have a beautiful campus. The University of Maine also started the first state-wide nursing program in 1939, the standard BSN today. It’s a four-year program. BSN also offers an honours program for those accepted to Honors College. The tuition is per credit, and the undergraduate program outcomes are very good.

7. University of New England

Top 10 Best Nursing Schools In Maine

The University of New England is the largest private school in Maine. Although students aren’t entitled to tuition in the state since UNE is an independent institution, students are offered the equivalent of $26,000 as financial aid. UNE can also be regarded as the most prominent healthcare professional school in Maine, which means that those who complete the nursing program can have a relatively straightforward path into their dream job.

Nursing students can choose between a BSN and an accelerated 2nd degree BSN. Its BSN program is one of the most extensive in the state. The majority of undergraduate students in the year 2019 completed the NCLEX in their first attempt.

8. Central Maine Community College

Top 10 Best Nursing Schools In Maine

Central Maine Community College offers various 1-2 year degrees that can lead to high-growth and lucrative jobs. Since it’s a community college, CMCC does not offer any degrees that are four years old. Therefore there’s no BSN offered. But, CMCC has an excellent ASN program that has only grown better in recent years. The program takes just two years of completion, leading toward RN certification in Maine. Additionally, students can achieve a BSN through an online RN BSN at a different Maine school.

9. Southern Maine Community College

Top 10 Best Nursing Schools In Maine

With around 6,000 students, Southern Maine Community College appears more like an academic institution than a traditional two-year college. SMCC has two campuses at Portland and Midcoast and a variety of satellite campuses in the southern portion of Maine. The associate nursing degree leads to RN licensure.

It also provides an upgrade option to current certified Practical nurses (LPNs). SMCC says that its associate nursing program will take about four semesters to complete. However, students who study full-time and all year long can complete this course in less than two years.

10. Maine College of Health Professionals

Top 10 Best Nursing Schools In Maine

Like the name implies as the name implies, the Maine College of Health Professionals provides degrees that can result in high-growth positions in the healthcare industry. MCHP boasts a 100% job placement rate for all graduates who have recently graduated. Students interested in nursing may join an associate program that will lead towards RN licensure. If they wish to earn to pursue a BSN, they may enrol in the MCHP’s online RN-BSN. The route to the BSN isn’t conventional. However students can complete their studies through MCHP.


  • What are the Key Factors That Influence The Tuition At Nursing Schools?

Be aware that universities and colleges reserve the right to alter fees at any moment. The tuition rates for the year listed below will differ for each student, based on various variables, such as,

  • Transfer credit
  • Completion of competency tests
  • The number of credits that are taken per year
  • Financial aid awards

Make sure to check with the school to find the current tuition rates.

  • What should I consider in choosing a nursing school/college in Maine

Every school has its benefits and advantages, so deciding on which is the “best” school isn’t as simple as it seems. While one school might have an affordable tuition cost, another one could offer excellent performance in terms of career development. Therefore, you must compare the schools and determine which is most appropriate for your needs.

When you are comparing schools, be sure to consider things such as:

  • The total cost of the program, which includes tuition for out-of-state or in-state students as well as charges
  • Scholarships, financial aid and grants are available
  • Cost of living within the region
  • Acceptance of nursing and school programs rate
  • Program difficulty
  • Travel to the hospital or school for clinics
  • Program results (NCLEX score and placement in the job)
  • Accreditation (regional and programmatic)


  • What is the Salary of Nurses and Job Outlook in Maine

Based on BLS, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS),

Maine nurses earn an average of $67,610, which is less than the national average of $75k.

Maine employs 14,460 nurses, an impressive number compared to the population’s size.

Although Maine offers a lower than average salary for RNs, the costs of living in Maine are much lower than the average for all of America.

The place your job is located in Maine will also affect your earnings. Here are average wages for several regions of Maine:

  • Northeast Maine: $61,240
  • Bangor: $73,740
  • Southwest Maine: $65,220

The BLS also states that Maine’s location quote is 1.17, which means that Maine has more nurse employees per 1,000 employees than the nation’s average. Maine also has more nurses than the nearby New Hampshire and Vermont.

  • How can I submit my application for admission to any nursing college in Maine?

Before you submit your application, do the following:

  • Contact the admissions office at each school. Each college has an admissions department that assists applicants in their admissions procedures. Contact each admissions office to determine what you’ll require for your application.
  • Verify that you comply with the requirements for nursing schools. Nursing schools typically have more stringent standards than the universities they’re a member of. So you need to make sure that you’re meeting the requirements of both the college and nursing school.
  • Submit your application(s). After you’ve identified the items you require for your application, your last step is to gather all your materials and submit them with each application. Be sure to submit your application before the deadline!


  • What are the requirements for a nursing job in Maine

In an application for a job, you’ll most likely be required to provide:

  • Transcripts from high school (GPA)
  • scores from ACT or SAT
  • College entrance essay(s)
  • Letter(s) in recommendation

Why should I be concerned about the accreditation of my nursing school

Accrediting bodies assess the academic excellence of the schools and programs. In Maine, be sure that the school you submit your application for certification with the New England Commission of Higher Education. Additionally, you should only apply to accredited nursing schools through programmatic accreditation.

Two nursing accreditation organisations to be looking for are:

  1. Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)
  2. Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN)

If you graduate from an accredited school, it could be not easy finding federal financial aid or get a job as a nurse following the completion of your degree.

How can I get a License in Maine?

As part of the Enhanced Nursing Licensure Compact (eNLC) that is part of the eNLC, an RN license obtained in Maine can be easily transferred into other eNLC member states, and the reverse is true. eNLC membership is also a sign that Maine has a frelativelystandard method of RN licensure.

  • To obtain a permit to drive in Maine, you’ll need to:
  • Learn at a state-approved, accredited nursing school
  • Pass the NCLEX-RN exam and take it.
  • Conduct a background check and provide fingerprints

You can apply for a position through your Maine Board of Nursing.


Although Maine isn’t the biggest or most lucrative state for RNs, it employs higher numbers of nurses than its nearest New England Neighbors. Most programs offer the BSN option. However associate degrees are typically cheaper and require a shorter time. Additionally, an RN who does not have an BSN is able to take a RN-BSN online course. After nurses have earned the RN license, they are able to work wherever in Maine and also be employed in any other eNLC Member state.

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