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The 3 Best Medical Schools in Washington, D.C.

Best Med School in Washington, D.C.

Hi scholar, are you a medical student seeking to study in the capital of the United States? Here contained the top 3 and only medical schools in Washington, D.C.

About Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C., is the capital of the United States that serves as the seat of political and economic power. Also, it is a great tourist centre that contains historical museums and various cultural centres.

Also, Washington, D.C., is the home to over 170 foreign embassies and many other international organizations and other agencies.

How many medical schools are there in Washington, D.C.?

Coming to the educational sector, there are only eighteen academic institutions in Washington, D.C. Out of these 18 academic institutions, and only 3 are medical colleges that are all private.

Medical schools all offer Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), PhD, MS, and MPH.  They also work with the top three public universities in Washington, D.C.: George Washington University, Georgetown University, and Howard University. These medical schools have a population of 2,000 students, with a small percentage of international students.

Also, these medical schools are situated at the heart of the city, which contains many medical research agencies and hospitals.  And these medical schools also work in collaboration with these medical bodies, including the National Institutes of Health, Washington Hospital Centre, and the National Medical Center for Children.

To get the best medical education that is also holistic, I recommend you check out these three medical schools in Washington, D.C.

Best Medical Schools in Washington, D.C.

  1. Howard University College of Medicine

Howard University College of Medicine (HUCM) is an internationally renowned medical school in Washington D.C. that was established in  1868  for the sole reason of overcoming the aftermath of the Civil War of America.

During the earthquake of 2010, Howard University College of Medicine served the nation by catering for causalities both before and after the incident.

The Howard University College offers an M.D. program that runs for four years, including M.S. and Ph. D. degree programs in specialized medical areas like human genetics, anatomy, microbiology, physiology, biophysics, biochemistry, and pharmacology,

The clerkship part of the M.D. program is carried out in the Howard University Hospital and other medical institutes, including Washington Hospital Center, St. Elizabeth Hospital, and Inova Fairfax Hospital.  Here, it allows you to explore and gain a holistic kind of learning from different levels of knowledge in each hospital. In addition, HUCM has introduced a virtual medical training centre, which is highly stimulated to provide a great learning environment for students to practice and learn.

Furthermore, the Howard University College of Medicine has to honour great development-oriented medical professors who have done great in America and globally. It has to its record that more than four thousand live alumni serve in federal and private institutions and organizations.

Currently, it has over a thousand full-time professional teachers and researchers with about 500 students. This is a considerable margin for students to have direct and personal relationships with their professors and teachers. This is one reason there are positive reinforcements in the students and thus enables them to serve the nation and humanity with their whole hearts. Should this be the reason why most of the alumni are heads of non-profit organizations in the world?

Lastly, HUCM has many under-served environments making it a better and comfortable learning environment for its students.

Requirements for Admission include:

  • Minimum science GPA score of 3.25
  • Minimum overall GPA score of 3.5;
  • Minimum total MCAT score of 504
  1. Georgetown University School of Medicine

Georgetown University School of Medicine (SoM) is an academic arm of Georgetown University established in 1851.  It is situated very close to the main campus of Georgetown University.

SoM is globally known for its vital role in developing an HPV vaccine that deals with cervical cancer.

SoM works in affiliation with ten medical institutions to train future medical students who are skilled and highly emphatic. Some of the affiliated medical institutions include Georgetown University, Washington Hospital Center, and so on.

Currently, this medical school in Washington DC houses 24 departments, eight basic sciences and sixteen clinical, and once cancer centre with a faculty of over 1600 members with top-notch research facilities. Also, apart from the four-year M.D. program, it offers specialized medical programs in Neurology, Neurosurgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Pathology, Cell Biology, Dermatology, and Pharmacology.

Also, this medical school has a student capacity of 750, together with its success stories making it one of the best medical schools in the United States.

Furthermore, it is known to produce great personalities in which few include; Mark R. Dybul (United States Global AIDS Coordinator), Antonio Novello (Surgeon General of U.S.), John J. Ring (ex-president of American Medical Association),  Andrew von (Director of Food and Drug Administration), and Solomon Snyder (Neuroscientist)

To secure Admission, you need a competitive GPA of 3.65 at minimum.

  1. George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences

George Washington University SMHS is the first med school in Washington D.C., established in 1854 as part of the George Washington University.

It is ranked the fifty-ninth s best medical research school in the United States and the Fourth best-med institute for physical therapy with an endowment of over $1.56 billion.

GW SMHS is very selective when it comes to admitting students. It can only contain 700 students at a time, with about 677 full-time teachers and professors.

GWU SMHS offers a wide range of professional medical programs, including Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), Physician Assistant, and Physical Therapy. It also provides a specialized M.D. program for international students. Other med specialties offered here include administration training, Clinical laboratory sciences, nurse practitioner, and physician assistant. Also, it works in collaboration with many med institutes, including Dr Cyrus & Myrtle Katzen Cancer Research Center, the G.W. Heart & Vascular Institute, Washington Institute of Surgical Endoscopy, and the G.W. Institute for Neuroscience.

Furthermore, GWU SMHS has over 650 permanent members in its faculty that are made up of world-class researchers and Nobel prize winners. The most recognized of them all include; James Carrol (formulated the theory of germs as a cause of diseases), Fredrick Russel (created typhoid vaccine), Walter Reed, Ferid Murad (Nobel Prize winner), Julius Axelrod (Nobel Prize winner), Neal D. Barnard (President of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine), and Jeffery Leiberman (President of American Psychiatric Association).


With the above information, you are now better positioned to decide which med school in Washington D.C. we wish you success as you embark on this academic journey.



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