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Top Law Colleges in Chennai

Chennai is one of the most pivotal centres of India’s cultural and economic development. Previously known as “Madras”, Chennai is the country’s gateway to the southern province and prides itself in it long-standing rich cultural heritage.

It is home to gorgeous religious buildings (Churches, Temples), healthy seafood, beautiful beaches, dosa, and other wonders of nature. This historical location is also the capital city of the eastern Tamil Nadu; which houses the second biggest urban beach in the world – The Marina Beach.

Many International students are currently studying in top law colleges in Chennai and at relatively affordable fees. Also, Aside from having a high standard of education, these colleges offers its students the platform for career enhancement which is mostly driven by intensive coursework and research.

What are the Requirements of Studying in Top Chennai Law Colleges?

Both the international and local students who wants to study in top Chennai Law colleges must fulfill the needed study requirements as set by their different institutions. One of such requirements is CLAT which is an acronym for Common Law Admissions Test. 

Just like the JAMB in Nigeria, CLAT is India’s official entrance exams which is conducted by all law institutions and universities. 

It is a mandatory examination for scholars seeking to gain admission in India in order to pursue their respective undergraduate and postgraduate study fields and as such defaulting by not sitting for the test may more likely places one’s admission possibility at the tale end of the table. 

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Fortunately, some of Chennai Law schools do accept candidate with VEE (Validation by educational experience).

CLAT: Undergraduate Pass Score: For candidates who wants to pursue their undergraduate degree study programmes, the minimum pass score for CLAT is 45% of the overall marks. 

However, for students with certain difficulties who are grouped into The Scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST), the score is further reduced to 40%. 

CLAT: Postgraduate Pass Score: In the case of postgraduate study, the minimum pass score for CLAT is 55% of the overall marks while that of those under the The Scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST) categories are capped at 50%. 

Also, CLAT result is always released in reference with candidate’s score which is typically listed from the highest to the lowest. 

Another alternative for gaining admission to study in top law colleges in Chennai is through the Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University examinations (TNDALU Exam). This exams is affiliated with some law schools in the city and once passed, no further exams is required.

List of Law Colleges Accepting CLAT

  • VIT University
  • VIT Law School
  • University of Madras

List of Law Colleges Accepting the TNDALU

  • Government Law College, Vellore
  • Government Law College, Chengalpattu
  • Dr. Ambedkar Government Law College, Chennai

Can you study in top Chennai Law Colleges via English?

The problem of language barrier is one of the major considerations when choosing a college to study. In India, the English language is virtually used in all the law colleges. While the Hindu is the country’s official teaching language, English is the second most used means of teaching. 

Additionally, it is the official language of Nagalandin and Meghalaya states and a majority of the residents in India – around 30% can understand and communicate with the language. Given the country’s population, this makes it one of the biggest English-speaking nations worldwide.

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Nevertheless, International students are encouraged to learn a little of Hindu to be able to communicate with the local students and also integrate well in the society.

Top Law Colleges in Chennai and its Tuition

SRM University

₹3,23,000 ~ $4522/year (₹4,40,000 ~ $6,160 for placement cost)

Vels Institute of Science, Technology and Advanced Studies: 

₹7,63,000 ~ $10,682/year 

(₹2,45,000 ~ $3,430 for placement cost)

Dr. Ambedkar Government Law College:

₹3,23,000 ~ $4522/year 

(₹2,85,000 ~ $3,990 for placement cost)

Saveetha School of Law: 

₹7,50,000 ~ 10,500/year 

(₹2,58,000 ~ $3,162 for placement cost)

Key Takeaways

  • Chennai has 14 public and 7 private law colleges (21 in total)
  • Saveetha School of Law is Chennai’s best ranked according to Jagran Josh
  • Dr. Ambedkar Government college has the best ROI (88.2%). It’s also Chennai’s best public college.
  • Vels Institute of Science, Technology and Advanced Studies has the lowest placement
  • SRM university is the highest placement college

Students Living Cost in Chennai

The general cost of living in Chennai, India is low despite housing a large population of people. Here are the living expenses in the city;

Accomodation costs

The cost of accommodation in India is sandwiched between high and low as it depends on the location. For budgeting sake, both International and local students are advised to reside in their University or college hall of residences which may sometimes cost as little as $50 – $100 monthly. 

Living outside the school premises present international students the opportunity to explore the beautiful landscapes and integrate with the locals though it’s an expensive option housing wise. A well-furnished single bedroom residence around the city suburb cost between $200 to $300 monthly and these costs vary per area of residence. Nonetheless, with less than $200, a student can comfortably live in Chennai.

Transportation costs 

Despite enjoying low accommodation cost, the transportation expenses in India is 14% of GDP which is higher than that of any country in Europe and the United States. By extension, Scholars in India pay an average of $11 per day but however railways and waterways are cheaper alternatives that saves transport costs.

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Food costs

India is arguably the cheapest country to buy food worldwide. It’s home to colourful malls, supermarkets, vast food shops, markets, and grocery stores. Student can decide to eat in the school cafeteria which is normally subsidised by the management or cook at home to save more cost. Though eating out in the country generally cost around $3 to $6, scholars can eat healthy and comfortably with $100 per month.

Parting words

Top Law Colleges in Chennai are best hotspot for legal practitioners who want to advance their career development. The reason is because Chennai is home to some of India’s best law college and this is evident by its growing number of International students. 

On a final note, always prepare ahead of schedule and strive to score high on CLAT exams to increase your chances of securing admission.

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