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10 Trade School Programs Without Math


If you are a trade student but hated maths, Here is the list of trade school programs that don’t require much math.

For many people, math is a challenging topic. Many pupils struggle with a succession of formulas, complex equations, and multi-method arithmetic. Consider trade college degrees that do not require math if you disliked math in high school as a trade student. If you don’t want to take any math classes, this article will show you what trade degrees you can pursue.

Trade gigs are often associated with tools, trucks and loads of physical labour, but there’s a stack of basic maths skills involved in almost every type of maintenance, repair and construction role.

They are different trade majors that don’t require math.

Trade School Programs Without Math

Here’s a list of ten programs, with minimal math requirements, that can be found at many trade schools and technical colleges. There are others too, but this is a short list to get you thinking.

  1. CDL Truck Driver – Little or no math required. There isn’t more than basic math on a CDL license test.
  2. Licensed Massage Therapist – Only basic math is required to earn a massage therapy license.
  3. Nursing Assistant – Only one or two basic math courses are needed, and no advanced formulas are required.
  4. Culinary Artist – Again, one or two basic math courses, with no advanced formulas to learn.
  5. Graphic Designer – A graphic designer generally only needs basic math to get through their program.
  6. Dental Assistant – Some basic math and a little accounting for office administration purposes.
  7. Restaurant Manager – Some accounting and business math is required to effectively manage a restaurant.
  8. Cosmetologist – You’ll probably see business math if your program includes salon management classes.
  9. HVAC Technician – Basic math is needed to enter an HVAC certification training program. You’ll need high school algebra to get into the HVAC technology associate’s degree program.
  10. Lab Technician – This program has the most math requirements on this list. Four credits of math, or 1 college algebra class.

Trade gigs are often associated with tools, trucks and loads of physical labour, but there’s a stack of basic maths skills involved in almost every type of maintenance, repair and construction role.

Yes. This may include math, history, English and science courses. These classes most likely will not directly relate to your career, but they’re designed to give you a broad knowledge, and they also give you flexibility to decide what major you want to go into as you get further into your program

You’ll learn your trade. To enroll: All you need is a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent. Keep in mind, the credits at trade schools or programs typically do not transfer to a community college or a university. Also, at the end of a trade program, you get a certificate in the field you studied, but not a degree.

Trade schools are not particularly rigorous in their admission requirements and often only require applicants who have attained high school qualifications to submit their applications and to go through an interview and testing process. However, in some instances, the school may require previous occupational experience.


While several schools in the medical and healthcare areas, including those on this list, do require some arithmetic, they do not require much. Medical assistant, healthcare administration, and medical coding are examples of this area, and they have high employment rates, so they’re a suitable choice for students who aren’t math-inclined.

This is obviously not an entire list, but hopefully it has gotten you thinking. You don’t have to be a math genius to enroll in trade school and prepare for a rewarding job.

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