Trinity College: Acceptance Rate And Admission Statistics

Trinity College: Acceptance Rate and admission statistics – the complete guide. Trinity College is one of the best educational establishments in the United States. This prestigious school is not easy to get into as it has a very high acceptance rate. 

If you’re an aspirant of the school, it is pertinent to note that gaining admission in this academic institute is easier said than done. However, it can also be easy if you ensure that you’ve got all details covered when applying. 

To help you in your noble course, this article has been written to expose to light what you need to know about Trinity College before embarking on that career-defining journey. Let’s go.

Trinity College Admissions

Trinity College, has we earlier stated, has a low acceptance rate which is pegged at 33%. This literally implies that if a total of 200 applicants applied for admission at the Trinity College, only 66 candidates would be offered professional admission.

However, acceptance rate is not the only criteria for gaining admission in this prestigious American college. Another one is the SAT. A research on the scores of scholars studying in this education service provider has proven that students who got admitted scored between 1300 to 1450 in their SAT.

Alternatively, students can also use the ACT which can be used directly in place of SAT. For the ACT, scholars are expected to score within the range of 29-32 to improve their chances of gaining admission.

Even so, another important information about this American Learning Center is that it has a regular admissions application deadline which is dated January 14. This means that application coming in after the stated date won’t be attended to.

The school also has an early decision where students can also apply and its deadline is dated November 15.

Admission Statistics of Trinity College 

Here are some of the statistics of Trinity College…

  • Trinity College has an acceptance rate of 33%
  • Recommendations is an important factor to consider when applying for admission in this prestigious American College.
  • The Early Decision Acceptance Rate of this Prestigious American College is 56%
  • Both the SAT and ACT score is a requirement but it is optional and never a mandatory
  • The academic institute of learning has an an average total applications of 6,080 scholars per admission session
  • Another important factor to consider while filling in an application at Trinity College is College Prep Courses
  • Trinity College has a SAT score range of 1300-1450. Meanwhile, the school has a SAT Reading of 640-710
  • Trinity College also requires High School Transcript
  • Trinity college also has a SAT score requirement of 660-740 for Mathematics 
  • Out of the total number of applications in Trinity College, 24% of scholars has, so far, submitted SAT scores
  • High School Rank is another important factor to consider when applying for admission at Trinity College however, it is not mandatory
  • Trinity College has a ACT score range of 29-32. Meanwhile, for  English Language, the required ACT is 28-34. For Mathematics, the figure ranges from 26-31. Nevertheless, there is no confirmed figure for that of the ACT Writing
  • Out of the total number of applications in Trinity College, 18% of scholars has, so far, submitted ACT scores
  • Trinity College does not have a specific admission Grade Point Average but the higher it is, the better than the chances of one securing admission
  • While there is no given admissions deadline, Trinity College has an application deadline date which is November 15
  • While accepting common applications, this prestigious American educational establishment does not accepts coalition applications
  • For the Early Decision Deadline, Trinity College does not accept applications after November 1
  • Trinity College accepts common applications
  • For the Early Action Deadline, the date at which the Trinity College does not accept applications is not verified as of now
  • Trinity College is among the schools which offers Early Decision
  • Those who which to file in an application in the prestigious American school can do so by clicking on this web link
  • Trinity College is also among the schools which offers Early Action.
  • Trinity College does not have a specific application fee. It varies from one course to the other. However, on the average, one is expected to pay around $65 to apply for admission to the college.

Trinity College: Tuition 

Trinity College is not tuition-free hence students are charged tuition every academic year. On the average, the cost of studying in this prestigious college for a national scholar is $26,233 per year.

Meanwhile, students also receives some form of tuition aid. The average financial aid for scholars is $15,523. Meanwhile Average Total Aid Awarded per year is $50,617 – with indigenous students enjoying $7,535 of it.

Scholarships, grants, and other financial aid have reached 56% of students in the school.

More so, in terms of household Income, the following are an individual net price:

For families living below $30k, the tuition is 

$9,349 per year

For families living within $30-48k, the tuition is $8,608 per year

For families living within $49-75k, the tuition is $18,675 per year

For families living within $76-110k, the tuition is $21,469 per year

For families living above $110k , the tuition is $46,100/ year

Meanwhile, the school has a net price of $59,050 for In-State Tuition. This figure is still pegged to $59,050 for Out-of-State Tuition. Meanwhile, housing and accommodation are fairly cheap as its average cost is $9,960 per academic year. 

For meals, a student is expected to expend an average of $5,340 per year. Books and Supplies does not cost much as $1,000 can arrest that in an academic year.


Trinity College is a highly regarded educational service provider in the United States. If you’re looking forward studying at this prestigious academic learning institution, then this post will come in handy.

The reason is because the article contains information about the school as well as its acceptance rate and admission statistics.

We would love to hear from you via the comment section.

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