UC Berkeley: Acceptance Rate and Admission Statistics

Do you wish to know information about UC Berkeley: Acceptance Rate and Admission Statistics? If your answer to the question is a yes, then you’re on the right page. University of California, Berkeley shortly known as UC Berkeley is one of the best education service providers in the United States. 

This prestigious School is highly regarded because of the quality of education its offers. However, gaining admission to study in this university is not an easy feat. Those who are there, sure had to put in some work.

So, are you an aspirant of the school? Do you desire to make your dream of being a student in the University of California, Berkeley come true? This post deals on admission statistics about the California-based university as well as its acceptance rate. Let’s go!

Brief Introduction

University of California, Berkeley is among the best schools in the United States. The highly rated education service provider is based at the San Francisco Bay Area. 

One of the notorious or stand out features about the school is its size – the University houses one of the largest undergraduates in the States. 

University of California – Berkeley Rankings

Rankings is one of the most important factors students should not neglect when choosing a school to commit their professional careers to. It is the metrics used to distinguish between a good school with high education quality and the sub-standard ones. 

According to the U.S. Department of Education as well as millions of reviews conducted, we’ve gathered data on the ranking of this prestigious school. The University of California, Berkeley is the 75th best (out of 156) in the United States in terms of Architecture.

The prominent academic institution of higher learning is also the 8th top best public University in the country. Moreover, it is the 9th (out of 128) biggest colleges in the United States.

University of California – Berkeley: Application 

University of California – Berkeley, does not have a tough admission criteria but we won’t say that it is easy. One of the factors to lookout for when studying applying for admission in an academic institution is the acceptance rate. 

UC Berkeley has an acceptance rate of 16% which makes it extremely hard to enter. This figure means that if 100 scholars applies for admission in a certain study period, then only 16 of them will be given admission.

Additionally, this prestigious school graduates about 92℅ of its students which is a record high. 

University of California, Berkeley Admission Statistics

The University of California, Berkeley has some admission criteria you should be mindful of. Listed below, we are presenting it to you as bullet points;

  • University of California, Berkeley has an acceptance rate of 16% which is one of the lowest in the States 
  • This Prestigious American University has an alumni starting salary of $48,700
  • University of California at Berkeley has a SAT score range of 1310-1530. 
  • University of California, Berkeley has a ACT score range of 30-35. This is quite high especially when compared to that set by other schools 
  • University of California, Berkeley is among the schools which do not offer Early Decision
  • While there is no given admission deadline, University of California, Berkeley has an application deadline date which is November 15
  • University of California, Berkeley is also among the schools which do not offers Early Action.
  • Those who which to file in an application in the prestigious American school can do so by clicking on this web link
  • University of California, Berkeley does not have a specific application fee. It varies from one course to the other. However, on the average, one is expected to pay around $70 to apply for admission to the college.
  • University of California, Berkeley accepts common applications
  • University of California, Berkeley does not have a specific admission Grade Point Average but the higher it is, the better than the chances of one securing admission
  • University of California, Berkeley also requires High School Transcript 
  • High School Rank is another important factor to consider when applying for admission at University of California, Berkeley however, it is not mandatory
  • Another important factor to consider while filling in an application at this prestigious American University is College Prep Courses
  • Recommendations are also factors to consider when applying for admission in this school
  • Both the SAT and ACT score is a requirement but it is optional and never a mandatory

What Students Say About The School

According to niche.com, here are some students reviews about the school:

“As a Black student at UC Berkeley, it is somewhat hard to feel comfortable in lectures and social settings because the Black community at Cal is very small. I believe that Berkeley should be admitting more Black students. Cal is competitive but I believe that it keeps students motivated to continue on and work hard. There are many clubs and organizations to join where they are very excepting of newcomers and it can be very fun!”

“My overall experience at UC Berkeley was great! The classes are rigorous especially with being a STEM major. Most of the professors I had were accommodating especially those in the classes I had when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. The surrounding area of Berkeley is not the safest which was an area of concern during my 4 years of living there. Also, the food that is offered through student dining was not good so I would typically use meal points at the cafes on campus. My student life experience was amazing because I was heavily involved with a few organizations on campus which helped me connect with other like minded individuals.”

“There are a lot of great things about the university and California! For me the cons outweighed the pros, and transferring is the only option to satisfy my individual needs – it’s large and may not suit the individual. There’s also CA politics. Unlike other private universities in the state, the university, at least when the Trump administration was sabotaging the university and state, will not isolate you from the horrors of reality, while some institutions invest in environments conducive to Very Serious Academics. We all hate Stanfurd. There is corruption. The university is not as well-funded as private universities and seems to be on the verge of crumbling. Cost of living is high. The vibes are great and it’s the best for connections if you want to live in California, but quality of life is an issue and you can get more bang for your buck elsewhere. I have Stockholm syndrome and a love-hate relationship with the place. It’s probably the strangest university… wear a mask!”


That was all on UC Berkeley: Acceptance Rate and Admission Statistics. Let’s hear from you.

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