UCLA Waitlist 2022 Stats, Decision Date & Transfer Acceptance Rate

Getting into a top university can be tough. UCLA’s waitlist is one of the most selective in the country. You can apply to UCLA on their website and hope you get accepted, or you can try another tactic by checking out university rankings and seeing how many students got admitted last year.

UCLA Waitlist 2022

UCLA Waitlist Statistics Last Year

In 2017, UCLA had a total of 4,912 students enrolled in their undergraduate program. Of those students, 805 were admitted off the waitlist. In total, 85% of students admitted off the waitlist were able to enroll.

Schools admit 10% or less of students on the waitlist while 33 percent admitted 10% or less

UCLA Undergraduate Admissions waitlist 2022

UCLA Undergraduate Admissions waitlist 2022 is when students who applied for undergraduate admission to UCLA in 2022 are placed on a waiting list. These students will be contacted by the admissions office if they are accepted. Generally, waitlists tend to be very popular with prospective students and the number of applicants is usually much higher than the number of available places.

What time do UCLA waitlist decisions come out?


There is no set answer for this question as decisions can come out at any time. It is best to check the UCLA website frequently for updates.

What was the acceptance rate for UCLA 2021?


The acceptance rate for UCLA 2021 is 5.9%.

How does waitlist work at UCLA?

UCLA waitlist works by allowing students who have not been admitted to a particular major to place themselves on a waitlist for that major. If a spot opens up in the major, the next student on the waitlist is offered the spot.


Being waitlisted at UCLA means that you have met all the requirements for admissions, but the school has not yet had a chance to review your application. Being waitlisted is not a guarantee of admission, but it does mean that you have a chance of being admitted if there are spaces available in the incoming class.

How does the UCLA waitlist work?


The UCLA waitlist is a process by which students who have been denied admission to UCLA are placed on a waitlist and are given the opportunity to be admitted if space becomes available. Admissions are offered on a rolling basis, so students are encouraged to remain on the waitlist until they have been offered admission.

How to get off the UCLA Waitlist?


The best way to get off the UCLA waitlist is to accept the waitlist offer and then immediately decline it. You can also try emailing the Admissions office to ask to be removed from the waitlist.

UCLA Waitlist Decision Date 2022/2026 Class:

When do UCLA waitlist decisions for 2022 come out? There are no assigned dates for waitlist decisions. Note: Waitlist admission is only at luck because the chance at this point is not very reliable.

The same waitlist process is applicable to transfer students, freshman (first-year) applicants that applied during the Early Decision or Early Action. So stay calm and continue checking your application status from time to time.

What percent of UC applicants get waitlisted?


There is no one answer to this question because it can vary significantly from school to school. However, it is generally estimated that around 10-30% of UC applicants are waitlisted.

Can you be rejected after being waitlisted?


No, you cannot be rejected after being waitlisted. The only way to know if you have been accepted is to receive a formal acceptance letter from the UC schools of your choice.

Can you tell me what my chances are of getting off the waitlist?


Unfortunately, we cannot provide any information regarding your chances of being admitted from the waitlist. However,

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