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UMass Medical School – Acceptance Rate, Ranking, and More

About UMass Medical School – Admission rates, grades and more.

With an acceptance rate of 6.3%, Massachusetts Medical School is a highly competitive educational establishment. But, however, it is noteworthy to have it in mind that there are 4 other medical academic institutions in the state.

Hence, it is safe to say that Massachusetts is one of the top study destinations in the United States for potential physicians. 3 out of these 4 medical schools are among the top 50 in terms of research as ranked by U.S. News & World Report.

Care to know those other four schools? They are Worcester University, Boston University, and the pretigious Harvard Medical School.

The Common Attribute Of Massachusetts Medical Schools

Massachusetts Medical Schools all have one thing in common which is research. Having 3 of its 4 medical schools ranked among the top 50 on research, this State parades quality medical institutes. 

These schools are the perfect choices for scholars who are research-oriented. Even so, lots of volunteering and research opportunities are common.

Furthermore,  Massachusetts is a home to many medical practitioners. This is because of its presence of top medical schools. Students studying here have the opportunity to meet expert physicians and gain key industry knowledge.

Overall Tuition Charge For Massachusetts Medical Schools

Studying medicine is expensive rather than cheap. This case applies also to Massachusetts hence be prepared to part ways with a bulk of your finances. However, to determine your eligibility criteria for any of Massachusetts’ medical schools, it is best to have some things checked.

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Two academic Criteria are required in this case which are the Grade Point Average and MCAT average. This is basically for local students but if you’re an international student, then it is best to check for attendance rate as well as foreign students interviewed per year.

Moreover, getting into a medical school in  

Massachusetts entails more than meeting the above-mentioned educational Criteria. Other factors involved are state enrollment rates, out-of-state interview rates, and  in-country interview rates.

Massachusetts Medical School Admissions Statistics

Listed below are Massachusetts Medical School Admissions Statistics based on the different medical schools:

1. Boston Medical University

Boston Medical University is one of the best medical schools in Massachusetts. This prestigious American educational establishment has a Grade Point Average (GPA) requirement of 3.83. 

Meanwhile, the school has a MCAT test range average of 518. Even so, the Interview rate is 20.5% for local and resident students while the admission rate stands at 11.9%. 

Most importantly, the tuition charge per year for medical courses is $59,938; hence it is quite expensive.

2. Harvard Medical School

Harvard Medical School is a Premier academic institution that is often ranked as one of the most sought-after schools in the United States. This American medical school has a Grade Point Average requirement of 3.92.

Meanwhile, potential scholars are to ensure that they score 519 in MCAT. Even so, the school has a state interview rate of 28.5% while that of international students is 11.8%.

More so, Harvard Medical School has an admission rate of 3.5%; one of the lowest in the United States. While the state admission rate stands at 19.6%, the tuition charge is certainly high.

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The School Charges $61,535 per year for medical programs.

3. Tufts University School of Medicine

Tufts University School of Medicine is one of the notorious educational establishments in Massachusetts. This medical school has a Grade Point Average requirement of 3.73 and MCAT score of 514.

Meanwhile, the interview rate for international students is 19.7%. Overall, the acceptance rate stands at 5.5% which is quite very low. But in the other hand, the State Acceptance Rate is 21.9%.

Nevertheless, Tufts University School of Medicine charges medical students a tuition of $61,464. 

4. University of Massachusetts Medical School (Worcester)

University of Massachusetts Medical School (Worcester) is one of the prominent academic institutions in Massachusetts. This medical school has a Grade Point Average requirement of 3.78. 

More so, the MCAT score requirement is 514; which is the same as that of Tufts University School of Medicine.

Meanwhile, the interview rate for local and resident students is 51.5% while the acceptance rate (for those students) is 67.8%. Overall, the acceptance rate stands at 9% which is quite low.

Nevertheless, Tufts University School of Medicine charges students a tuition of $36,678 for local students while international scholars are charged $61,478.

How To Increasing Your Chances Of Being Accepted To A Medical School In Massachusetts

It is significant to have it in mind that the above-mentioned 4 medical schools in Massachusetts which are Harvard Medical School, Boston University, and Tufts University Medical School are “state friendly.” 

This is to say that preliminary classes are made up of international scholars. But you’ll need to be truthful with yourself when assessing how competitive and tough you are in terms of academics. 

One of the questions to ask is: with this MCAT and GPA scores, am I close to acceptable student standards?  If your sincere answer is a no then there is need to repeat the MCAT or better still boost your GPA.  

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Another important information to note is that many medical schools in Massachusetts have an average MCAT of over 90%, so remember this when your are developing a roster of universities you want to forward an application.

Moreover, If you are enthusiastic about gaining an MD / MPH or MD / PhD degree, do well to research about that academic institution where you are applying for these special programs.  Bear in mind that the process of applying for medical school is relatively tough and tiresome.


Gaining admission to study medicine in  Massachusetts Medical School can be difficult and tough. This post highlights key statistics to have in mind before applying.

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