UNIABUJA Cut Off Mark For 2023/2024 (JAMB And Departmental)

Are you interested in UNIABUJA Cut off Mark for 2023/2023? or have you been asking “What is UNIABUJA cut-off mark for 2023/2024? If yes, this blog post is for you as it contains all you need to know about the University Of Abuja minimum cut-off point for 2023/2024 and 2021 admission, UNIABUJA required score for Admission, and as well as UNIABUJA departmental Cut off marks for all courses.

Uniabuja Departmental Cut Off Mark 2023/2024

Now today we will be looking at: UNIABUJA DEPARTMENTAL AND JAMB CUT OFF MARK 2023/2024. Many aspirant of University of Abuja (Uniabuja), is asking  many questions about Uniabuja cut of mark . Some of the questions they are asking is, what is the Uniabuja departmental cut off mark 2023/2024, Uniabuja departmental cut off mark for all courses this year. Some is even asking about uniabuja jamb cut off mark. Most of university of Abuja aspirants is asking this exact question.  Well is good for you to ask this kind of question.  Its very important for an aspirant to know the criteria of admission in university.  Knowing the departmental cut of mark of your course will make you prepare well for it.

Uniabuja departmental cut off mark

This hunt of knowing the uniabuja cut off mark made the uniabuja aspirants to be searching online for uniabuja departmental cut off mark 2023, uniabuja departmental cut off mark 2023, uniabuja departmental cut off mark for 2023/2024, uniabuja cut off mark 2023/2024, university of abuja cut off mark 2023, university of abuja cut off mark for medicine and surgery, uniabuja medicine and surgery, courses offered in uniabuja. However if your one of the aspirant searching for all that your not alone. Vastlearners.com is with all the answers to your questions in this single post.


We all know that before your giving admission into the University of Abuja (Uniabuja). You will meet up all their requirements.  well if we all know that, we will also know that before you will be giving admission you will meet up with departmental and faculty cut off mark of the school.

If the course of your choice is Engineering, Medicine, Pharmacy, Law,  Art, Education etc you will reach their cut off mark before you will get admission.


It is not everyone that knows the meaning of cut off mark. Most of aspirants ask this question ( what is the meaning of cut off mark).  However if your on this category who ask such questions. Your not alone, vast learners will explain it here for you.

What is the meaning of cut off mark?? Cut off mark is an agreed score set by a particular institution as a basics of admitting students into the department of study. 

 like its said,  is an agreed score set as a basics of admission. It means that when an institution set their cut off mark to be 200 in jamb and u score 199, they will not admit you because they set their cut off mark to be 200. But when u score above 200,  you will have the chance of getting admission into the university.

Hope you now understand the meaning of cut off mark.

Is UNIABUJA Cut-off mark Out?


The University Of Abuja, UNIABUJA cut-off mark for admission into the 2023/2024 academic session has been released.


The University Of Abuja (UNIABUJA) Cut-off mark is 180.

The management of the University Of Abuja has announced 180 and above as the latest cut-off mark for the school for 2023/2024 admission.

This means that the University Of Abuja, (UNIABUJA) has adopted the minimum Cut-off point of 180 for its 2023/2024 admission exercise.

You need to pass the UNIABUJA cut-off point of 180 to qualify for admission in 2023/2024.

Note: Uniabuja is one of the top tertiary institutions in Nigeria and they try to maintain a certain standard. It is often said that if you cannot improve on the existing standard, keep the standard the way you found it. There is no way UI will decide to beat their cut off mark down below their minimum cut off mark.


  • Veterinary Medicine…….180
  • Statistics…….180
  • Public Administration…….180
  • Mechanical Engineering…….180
  • Primary Education Studies…….180
  • Education and Social Studies…….180
  • Education and Physics…….180
  • Political Science and International Studies…….180
  • Education and Mathematics…….180
  • Education and Islamic Studies…….180
  • Philosophy…….180
  • Education and Integrated Science…….180
  • Education and Geography…….180
  • Microbiology…….180
  • Education and Economics…….180
  • Education and Christian Religious Studies…….180
  • Medicine and Surgery…….180
  • Education and Chemistry…….180
  • Education and Biology…….180
  • Mathematics…….180
  • Education and Arabic…….180
  • Linguistics…….180
  • Islamic Studies…….180
  • History…….180
  • Guidance and Counselling…….180
  • Geography…….180
  • Environmental Education…….180
  • English and Literary Studies…….180
  • Electrical Engineering…….180
  • Economics…….180
  • Drama/Dramatic/Performing Arts…….180
  • Computer Science…….180
  • Civil Engineering…….180
  • Christian Religious Studies…….180
  • Chemistry…….180
  • Chemical Engineering…….180
  • Business Management…….180
  • Business Administration…….180
  • Biology…….180
  • Banking and Finance…….180
  • Accounting/Accountancy…….180
  • Arabic Studies……..180
  • Agriculture………..180
  • Agricultural Science and Education…….180


The University of Abuja holds her admission screening exercises within a week or couple of weeks and it usually comes in two phases. Students who applied to study in the school are to proceed for the pre-screening exercise when once it is being announced.

Documents required for the pre-screening exercise are: SSCE result and JAMB registration print out only.

It is often important that a candidate arrive early and locate his/her screening venue early. Candidates will be screen on the JAMB scores and their SSCE result.

The second phase of the screening is after the admission lists might have been released. Candidates who have merited the admission will be invited for another screening exercise. Here all documents such as;

  • Original copies of their educational qualifications (Statements of Results/Certificates).
    N/B: Cases of awaiting results will NOT be accepted.
  • Birth Certification/Age Declaration.
  • A letter of good conduct from your Village Head or a responsible member of your
    community/or civil servant not below Grade Level 10 or equivalent in the private sector.
  • Certificate of Local Government of origin; and this notification of admission status

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  3. Please can a candidate who scored 192 in jamb gain admission or get the UTME screening form for UNIABUJA to study law

  4. Please I need urgent answers…. I scored 236 in jamb can I apply for law in uniabuja? And what is the probability of me having this admission?

  5. I scored 242 in jamb and 23.68 as cut off mark in post screening is there any chances of me getting admission to study law in Uniabuja ?


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