Uniben Departmental And Jamb Cut Off Mark 2021/2022

Departmental Cut Off Mark 2021/2022

What is the jamb cut of mark for all departments in Uniben. What is the uniben departmental cut off mark this year.  Most of university of Benin aspirants is asking this exact question.  Well is good for you to ask this kind of question.  Its very important for an aspirant to know the criteria of admission in university.  Knowing the departmental cut of mark of your course will make you prepare well for it. 

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Uniben Cut Off Mark 2021/2022

We all know that before your giving admission into the university of Benin (uniben),  you will meet up all their requirements.  well if we all know that, we will also know that before you will be giving admission you will meet up with departmental and faculty cut off mark of the school.

If the course of your choice is Engineering, Medicine, Pharmacy, Law,  Art, Education etc you will reach their cut off mark before you will get admission. 

What Is The Meaning Of Cut Off Mark? 

Many aspirants don’t really know what is cut off mark.  Well if your one of those asking what is cut off mark,  be happy vastlearners.com will explain it for you. 

Cut off mark is an agreed score set by a particular institution as a basics of admitting students into the department of study.  

lets look at it this way.  Uniben set third cut off mark to be 200 and you scored 190. You see is below the cut off mark they set so you won’t be admitted.  But if you score 230,  you see is above so you will be admitted.  


Hope you now understand what cut off mark means. 

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Uniben Jamb General Cut Off Mark 2021/2022

well many do ask this question.  What is the jamb cut off mark for uniben.  Well the general uniben cut off mark Is 200. 

So when you sore above 200 you will stand the chance of getting admission.  Those that scored 270, 290, 300 will have the chance of coming out in the first list. 

let us not forget that uniben considers both Post Utme score.  So meeting the jamb cut of mark is not the only issue.  You will have to score higher in your post utme to be giving admission. 

Note: UNIBEN is one of the top tertiary institutions in Nigeria and they try to maintain a certain standard. It is often said that if you cannot improve on the existing standard, keep the standard the way you found it. There is no way UNIBEN will decide to beat their cut off mark down below their minimum cut off mark.

Uniben Faculty Cut Off Mark 2021/2022

Faculties/Programmes with Cut-Off Mark of 200+

EDUCATION –  Library and Info. Science, ESAM, Economics education, Business educatio, Computer education, English education, Political science education, Social science education. 

Agriculture – Agric economics/extension, Animal science, Fisheries, Crop science, Forestry and wild life, Soil science.

LIFE AND PHYSICAL SCIENCES – Biochemistry, Plant biotechnology,  Mathematics, Physics, Animal and Env. Biology, Geology, Microbiology, Chemistry, Science lab. Tech.,  Industrial chemistry, Industrial physics, Computer science, Statistics, Geology, Optometry. 

Faculties/Programmes with Cut-Off Mark of 250+

ARTS – Law, English and lit. Studies, Theatre arts, Fine and applied arts, Linguistics, Mass communication, Religious studies, Philosophy, Inter. Studies. 

MANAGEMENT SCIENCE – Accountancy, Banking and finance, Insurance, Business administration, Marketing, IRPM, Entrepreneur, Actuarial science. 

SOCIAL SCIENCES – Eco stat, Geography and regional planning, Political science, Sociology, Social works, Public administration. 

Environmental science – Estate management, Geometric, Quantity survey, Architecture. 

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ENGINEERING -Electrical electronic engineering, Mechanical engineering, Petroleum engineering, Chemical engineering, Computer engineering, Civil engineering, Production engineering, Structural engineering. 

Faculties/Programmes with Cut-Off Mark of 290 to 300+

MEDICAL SCIENCES – Anatomy, Medical biochemistry, Medicine and surgery, Nursing, Physiology, medical lab sc, physiotherapy, Dentistry. 

Uniben Departmental Cut Off Mark 2021/2022


Agric Economics → 55
Agric Extension → 55
Animal science → 50
Fisheries → 50
Crop science → 50
Forestry and wild life → 50
Soil science → 50


English and Lit. Studies → 60
Theatre Art → 50
Fine and Applied Arts → 55
French → 50
Linguistics → 50
Mass communication → 60
Religious studies → 50
Philosophy → 50
History and inter. Studies → 50


Anatomy → 60
Medical Biochemistry → 60
Medicine and Surgery → 70
Nursing → 60
Pharmacology → 60
Physiology → 60


Library and information science → 50
ESAM → 50
Economics education → 50
Business education → 50
Computer education → 50
English education → 50
Political science education → 5o
Social science education (social studies) → 50


Law → 70


Accountancy → Business administration 55
Banking and finance → 55
Insurance → 50


Pharmacy → 65


Biochemistry → 50
Botany → 50
Mathematics → 50
Physics → 50
Animal and environmental biology → 50
Geology → 55
Microbiology → 60
Chemistry → 55
Science laboratory technology → 55
Industrial chemistry → 55


Business administration → 55
Economics → 55
Geography and regional planning → 50
Political science → 55
Sociology – 50
Social works → 50.


All Engineering Is Around 55.

UNIBEN 2021/2022 Admission Screening Nature

The University of Benin holds her admission screening exercises within a week or couple of weeks and it usually comes in two phases. Students who applied to study in the school are to proceed for the pre-screening exercise when once it is being announced.


Documents required for the pre-screening exercise are: SSCE result and JAMB registration print out only.

It is often important that a candidate arrive early and locate his/her screening venue early. Candidates will be screen on the JAMB scores and their SSCE result.

The second phase of the screening is after the admission lists might have been released. Candidates who have merited the admission will be invited for another screening exercise. Here all documents such as;

  • Original copies of their educational qualifications (Statements of Results/Certificates).
    N/B: Cases of awaiting results will NOT be accepted.
  • Birth Certification/Age Declaration.
  • A letter of good conduct from your Village Head or a responsible member of your
    community/or civil servant not below Grade Level 10 or equivalent in the private sector.
  • Certificate of Local Government of originÍľ and this notification of admission status

UNIBEN Address and Locations

The University of Benin is located in the heart of the town of Benin, Ogogugbo, Benin City, Nigeria.

Contact US @ [email protected] or 07098805057 or Click here

This is all we have for this topic: Uniben Departmental And Jamb Cut Off Mark 2021/2022. If you have any other questions or you want us to update you with in formation about uniben,  drop your number in the comment box.  

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