University of Guelph Acceptance Rate And Admission Requirement 2023/2024

University_of_Guelph Acceptance Rate [image courtesy Wikimedia Commons]If you a scholar and aspire to be a student of the University of Guelph? Then you would want information on the University of Guelph acceptance rate? If yes, this post was carefully drafted after thorough research to give valid information on the University of Guelph acceptance rate and other important pieces of information necessary for you as you pursue admission into the University of Guelph.

About the University of Guelph

The University of Guelph is one of Canada’s leading comprehensive research postsecondary institutions recognized for its quality research and teaching,

It was established in 1964 through the amalgam of Ontario Agricultural College, Macdonald Institute, and Ontario Veterinary College. The University of Guelph offers comprehensive body knowledge on agriculture, food, and veterinary sciences.

It offers more than 450 work-study programs for students with financial needs coupled with over 1000 on-campus part-time jobs for financially handicapped students that runs yearly.

The university offers more than 90 majors and minors’ undergraduates’ degree courses in 11 faculties in terms of program structure. Also, it offers up to 130 masters’ degrees, PhDs, and graduate diplomas.

Additionally, there are over 200 student clubs, 17 varsity teams, and 22 sports clubs, coined by “Guelph Gryphons”.  This is a nickname given to any sportsperson in the university.

The University of Guelph has a student population of approximately 27,000, of which 75% of the students are undergraduates, with the remaining 25% to be graduate students.

The institution is known to have a soft spot for international students. Of the 26,741 undergraduate students’ population, international students made up 3.8%, and 16.4% in the 2904 graduate students base.

Lastly, it is well endowed and known internationally for its beautiful surroundings, safe campuses, and welcoming culture. This is pertinent in improving the students by encouraging them to explore, share and bring to life new ideas.

It ensures that the environment helps students to encourage exploring and sharing their new ideas.

Why Study at The University of Guelph?

The University part from its high academic standard exposes you to various opportunities to grow. Below are the reasons why the University of Guelph is a good choice:

  1. The University of Guelph is situated in Guelph, one of the fastest-growing and best-run cities in Ontario. Meanwhile, Guelph is:
  • Recognized as one of the top 10 places to live in Canada.
  • Situated in the center of the Innovation Corridor that extends from Toronto to the Waterloo Region.
  • It is known for its indie music scene and is home to the renowned Guelph Jazz Festival and Hillside Festival.
  1. The University of Guelph’s campus contains a “Summerlee Science Complex,” regarded as the largest science teaching and research facility in North America. In addition, Guelph offers a state of the art research and computer labs and a 12 000 square foot atrium.
  2. Guelph offers a newly renovated MacDonald Hall for the College of Business and Economics. This helps to boast open-concept meeting spaces and multimedia-focused classrooms essential for collaboration and teamwork.
  3. The University is well ranked both regionally and internationally.
  • QS University Survey ranked Guelph as one of the top 10 universities in Canada and top 600 globally.
  • Maclean Ranked as one of Canada’s top comprehensive universities
  • Maclean also ranked it as No 4 in terms of undergraduate and graduate focus schools in Canada.
  • Provision of $146 million in annual research funding (Guelph attracts more money than any other University in Canada). This means as a researcher. This school is the perfect choice for you.
  • One of the universities with the biggest student grants. $23 million was awarded to 7,950 students in 2017/2018
  • It is ranked for having one of the highest percentages of female STEM students nationally
  • 15% employment rate within 6 months of graduation. This you are guaranteed of.
  • The Ontario Agricultural College is ranked No1 in Canada for Agricultural Science and No18 globally for Food Science and Technology.
  • Lastly, Guelph exposes you to different networks of students and opportunities that can spur you both career-wise and social-wise.

What is the University of Guelph’s Acceptance Rate?

The acceptance rate of Guelph is very high, and it is pegged at 66%. This means that for every 100 applications, the 66 applicants that meet the admission requirements will be admitted.

The University of Guelph has a defined and specific admission process that makes it easy for applicants to understand and follow. This takes us to understand the admission requirements of Guelph. But before that, let’s look at Guelph’s admission eligibility and guidelines.

What is the University of Guelph Eligibility?

These refer to the predispositions and criteria you must have before even thinking about applying. We will be treating it based on the perspective of the domestic, US, and International students.

What is the University of Guelph Eligibility for International Students?

One major eligibility for international students studying either at the undergraduate or graduate level has a good score in the English proficiency test. Recommended international English tests are IELTS and TOFEL.

What is the University of Guelph Eligibility for Canada Students?

As a Canadian student, you must have these documents before you can apply for admission.

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)
  • ENG4U (for all degree courses).
  • The Specific Subject Requirements of the degree program of interest.
  • A minimum of six 4U and/or 4M courses

What is the University of Guelph Eligibility for US Students?

As a US student, you must possess the following:

  • It would help if you had a minimum average of 3.0-grade points from an accredited high school.
  • It would be best if you had a combined SAT score of 1100 based upon the critical reading and Math sections or an ACT score of 24.
  • You must submit the specific subjects needed for admission to the degree program of your choice.

What is the University of Guelph Admission Guidelines?

The set guidelines of the University of Guelph admission are:

  • Your name must be clearly visible on the documents submitted
  • You are to submit only once, even when applying to more than one-course program at Guelph.
  • International students should apply for the Fall academic session, which begins in September.
  • To secure admission in any program, entrance scholarships, and guaranteed residence, you must submit your application by February 15 and the required documents by March 1.
  • As an international student, IELTS, TOEFL, CAEL, MELAB, PTE test scores are required.
  • Only internationally recognized secondary school certificates are accepted at the University of Guelph.
  • A US$90 non-refundable application processing fee is required from all applicants.

University of Guelph’s Graduate Admission Process

Graduate studies are special. As compared to undergraduate studies, most graduate programs require you to take ownership of your studies in any way it comes.

Further, your studies will extend beyond textbook learning and lecture halls.

Graduate students often work in research labs, complete studio art, labs, or seminars, and undertake fieldwork in sometimes exotic places.

However, these requirements vary according to the department. Therefore, as a graduate applicant, you are urged to visit the department’s web page before applying.

Nevertheless, there is a general admission process and standards that apply to everybody.

  • Firstly, Go through the Program Options. Review the list of graduate programs and then make a decision.
  • Secondly, review admission Requirements & Deadlines.
  • Thirdly, prepare application documents.
  • Fourthly, apply online.
  • Fifthly, upload documents and lastly, wait for an admission decision

How to Apply for Admission into the University of Guelph As An International Applicant

There are three major ways to apply as an international applicant. They are”

  • You can apply using the 105 applications available online at the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC )
  • You can apply online directly using the form available at the Online Application page for international students.
  • You can also apply with the Common Application.

Application Deadline Dates

This is set application dates for Guelph Academic sessions. They are:

  • January 15 – The application deadline if you want to be considered for early offers of admission.
  • February 3- Early Deadline for consideration for international students to submit their application and academic documents (including English Proficiency).
  • February 15-  Official application deadline
  • March 2- The final deadline for document submission.
  • June 1, 2020 – Deadline to accept the offer of admission through OUAC, including the deadline for CAD deposit and residency application.

Please note that the official documents must come directly from the issuing or accreditation body in their official sealed envelope in English or English translations.

What is the Cost of Studying at the University of Guelph?

The cost of study varies between domestic students and international students.

Let’s look at the cost of study for International students

  • Full-time Tuition $24,300 – 33,551
  • Personal Expenses $2,250
  • Compulsory Fees $1,209
  • Health Insurance $636
  • Meal Plan $4,120 – $6,180
  • Residence Room $5,686 – $8,299
  • Optional Fees $220 – $350
  • Total $39,771 – $53,825 ( Yearly estimated expenses)

The Full-time undergraduate tuition fee for International students lies between $24,300 and $33,551 yearly. Additional expenses as listed above made up addition of $270. This leads us to an essential question.

Does The University of Guelph Give Scholarship to Internationals?

Yes, it does. Scholarships worth up to US$8,500 are available and offered annually to international students strictly based on academic merit and need.

University of Guelph Student life

Is the University of Guelph a party school? Is Guelph an interesting school? I will shortly answer this and many more.

Guelph may not be very rowdy and party like other schools, but excitement isn’t left out as you can enjoy it in cooler ways. Additionally, the University of Guelph has several special interest clubs on the campus. It has over 200 students clubs, 22 sports clubs, and 17 varsity teams.  You can join any and rub minds with the same like-minded people.

University of Guelph Acceptance Rate – FAQ

How much is the cost of tuition at Guelph?

The full-time tuition fee ranges between $6,091 and $11,286 yearly. For Full-time undergraduates, the tuition fee for International students ranges between $24,300 and $33,551 yearly.

Can the tuition fee be paid in installments?

You must pay your college fee before you attend your classes or when you are attending. However, if you receive a scholarship or financial aid, a  grant or a loan, it can typically cover your full academic year.

What course of programs is the University of Guelph majorly known for?

Guelph is majorly known for its strengths in agri-food, veterinary medicine, environmental studies and engineering, human nutrition and family development, rural development and planning, and Scottish history and theatre. It is ranked no. 1 in terms of agric food and No 18 in biotechnology.


University of Guelph acceptance rate: Now you are aware of this answer. So this should aid your preparation and fuel your motivation better. Remember, no matter your citizenship; you can study at Guelph. Lucky, Guelph’s acceptance rate is fairly competitive.





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