University of Hawaii Transfer Acceptance Rate, Tuition and Admission Requirements 2023/2024

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University of Hawaii Overview

The University of Hawaii-Manoa is a private institution which was established in 1907. It has an undergraduate student population in the 13203 (fall 2020) Its location is urban and the campus covers around 320 acres. It follows the semester-based academic calendar.

The University of Hawaii, Manoa is located in the middle of the city of Honolulu in the Hawaiian Island of Oahu.

The department’s academic departments comprise the School of Hawaiian Knowledge, the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology and the School of Pacific and Asian Studies. Outside of the classroom there are over 200 student-run organizations that students can look into.

It is the University of Hawai at Manoa is a world-class institution that offers an affordable and high-quality higher education to students in Hawaii. It also conducts groundbreaking research that addresses the major problems that the state is facing.

UH Manoa continues to be an excellent value, with tuition that is more than $4,000 lower than the average of an institution of higher education that is public as per the U.S.

Department of Education which is one of the main reasons Hawaii is, when compared with other states is among the lowest rates in the nation in student loan.

The campus that is the flagship within UH Manoa is the flagship campus of UH System is consistently ranked among the upper 1.5 percent in the nation and internationally.

The recreation center at UH Manoa coordinates kayaking excursions as well as surfing and sailing classes hikes, snorkeling, hiking trips and much more. Most of the UH Manoa’s sports teams play in the NCAA Division I Big West Conference.

It also provides a array of graduate programs which include degrees offered by its highly rated College of Education, the William S. Richardson School of Law and the Shidler College of Business, as well as the John A. Burns School of Medicine.

Some notable alumni of the University of Hawaii-Manoa are the oceanographer Robert Ballard, former Citigroup chairman Richard Parsons and President Barack Obama’s parents, Barack Obama Sr. and Ann Dunham Soetoro.

University of Hawaii – Manoa Transfer Acceptance Rate

In previous years, UH at Manoa received 3901 transfer applicants.

The school accepted 3179 students. Therefore, the transfer acceptance rate for UH at Manoa is 81.49%.

University of Hawaii – Manoa Acceptance Rate

Admissions to the University is up to 87.3% this year due to increased applications to attend the great university.

The majority of applicants accepted to the University of Hawaii-Manoa must have an SAT score of between 1060 and 1260, or an ACT score between 20 or 26.

Below is the acceptance rate of University of Hawaii over the years:

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But, one-quarter of the applicants admitted scored over these levels and one-quarter scored below the limits. The deadline for applications is March 1st. The application fee for the University of Hawaii at Manoa is $70.

University of Hawaii Manoa’s 2023 Rankings

University of Hawaii Manoa is placed:

  • The #162 spot in National University (tie)
  • #170 in Top High Schools for Value
  • #153 in the Top Performers in Social Mobility (tie)

University of Hawaii Financial Aid and Scholarships

Families and students who do not have the financial resources needed to finance their education are advised to seek financial assistance by filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

This data is employed to assess your eligibility for financial aid. Every year, we offer students with grants, scholarships, work, and loan opportunities for our students.

Fees and tuition: The total estimated cost of attendance Total Estimated Cost of Attendance: $29,920 Resident; $355,57 WUE (Western Undergraduate Exchange) and $51,952 for non-residents.

This includes tuition, university fees and books, as well as equipment, room and board and personal expenses.

University of Hawaii Requirements for Transfer Applications

  • Minimum GPA: A cumulative GPA in transfer that is 2.0 is required for Hawaii residents in addition to 2.5 of non-residents who wish to apply.
  • Official Transcripts: Official transcripts are required to be sent directly from your school or school at UH Manoa. It is required that you submit transcripts from every postsecondary institution you been to (excluding all University of Hawaii System institution).
  • Application Fee: $70 is non-refundable

Apply Here For A Transfer To University of Hawaii

University of Hawaii Transfer Credit Policy

Minimum Grade: The lowest grade you can earn for any course that could be used to transfer credit is D.

Credits (Min/Max): An maximum 60 hours of semester credit can be considered for transfer from two-year institutions. There is no limit for four-year institutions. You must earn 30 hours of credits in UH Manoa to earn a bachelor’s degree.

University of Hawaii Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Can my credit be transferred?

A transfer credit evaluation is completed after the transfer application has been processed and is completed earlier for Kaieie students.

It is possible to use the UH System Course Transfer Credit Database is a good resource instead of this to serve to provide a general guideline. Be aware that credits transferable towards UH Manoa are from courses that are 100+.

UH system students

Choose your primary campus. choose UH Manoa as the target campus. Then, select course alphas.

Students who are not part of the UH system.

Input a search phrase such as “San Francisco” > select your college from the search results choose UH Manoa as the target campus. Then, select course alphas.

If your course isn’t listed, that means UH Manoa has not encountered the course previously. You might want to save your outline of the course and a syllabus to be able to evaluate.

If your course is listed however you see that the UH Manoa side is blank this means that there isn’t an equivalent course.

Is it possible to transfer right now? Does it make sense?

The process of transferring schools can be an enormous change, regardless of whether you’re coming through Oahu, within the UH System around O`ahu, from one of our neighboring islands or from the mainland or even from a different country. Be aware of all the domains you can choose from in making your choice.

  • Physically, do you have the ability be able to fly to UH Manoa?
  • Academically – have completed all the courses you are able to at your current institution? do you know if UH Manoa offer a major you’d like, are you able to complete your desired program?
  • Financially , have you considered costs, tuition and housing costs? As well as cost of living, do your budget is working for you?
  • Mentally – are you prepared for large classes, the academic expectations of a 4-year institution, balancing family/work/school/social?

The Manoa Transfer Coordination Center is there to assist you to solutions to these commonly asked transfer issues.

Do I have the option of taking classes in UH Community Colleges to save money? Collapse

The majority of UH Manoa students are allowed to attend classes at the UH Community College. *

Check to see if the courses are counted towards your degree if you are dependent on financial aid. Your principal adviser at UH Manoa verify this on an Community College Enrollment form.

  • Financial Aid Forms
  • Miscellaneous Forms/Documents
  • Community College/UH System Enrollment Formulary
  • Submit your application to the Financial Aid Office by the date and time

Be aware that the form for this semester is only available during the period of submission that is designated up to time to submit, which usually falls close to the beginning of each semester.

When each semester, the application form for the next semester is available for the following semester.

*If you’re new to the university of Hawaii You may want to apply directly to UH Community College. UH Community College, as well as participate in other possibilities in order to transfer into UH Manoa as the UHCC student.

Students should speak with an academic advisor in order to make an informed choice.

Does my college accept all semester-long applications?

Certain majors require additional internal applications in addition an UH Manoa Office of Admissions application. Majors with these requirements have different deadlines for submission.

Look up the information on the program for your specific major and find out what the deadline date(s) is(are) as well as if they are accepting submissions for the Spring and Fall semesters, only for Fall or any other fall semester.

The majority of applications are submitted at the time of the semester before beginning.

If you submit an application for a course, it’s usually to begin in a subsequent semester, not necessarily the same one. Therefore, you must make sure you speak to an advisor and make plans for the future.

What is the time frame to complete my degree?

Answering this query is based on a couple of factors:

  • What is my main focus?

Are there any other essential admissions requirements you need to finish before you can begin your the major course? If you’ve picked a particular major like Nursing, Business, Dental Hygiene, Social Work or any other. you can find the admission requirements on their specific program sheets as well as on the major websites.

  • What are the number of credits I receive?

If you aren’t a recipient of the official Transfer Credit Evaluation (TCE) that you get only when you apply at UH Manoa, you can utilize this UH System Transfer Credit Database to get a general idea of what you could be eligible for credit.

This information is meant to be used to guide you and the results cannot be guaranteed.

If the majority of your credits are elective credits, or none whatsoever, you could require more time to complete the degree.

However, if your credit has directly equivalencies which count towards your general education requirements, your major and completion requirements, you might have a shorter duration.

After you have been accepted to UH Manoa, it is always advisable to consult your Major Advisor for an overview of your credit.

Should I work part-time or full-time?

This is the basis for your status as an enrolled student. A fuller load every semester means that you can finish your degree quicker. If you work working part-time, you must know that it will take you longer to complete your degree.

  • Can I meet the advisor on academics?

Certain courses are only offered only in certain semesters, so it is essential to consult with your academic advisor regarding course sequencing to ensure that your courses will be available when you want to enroll in the course.

This is particularly important for majors that are highly sequential like those found in College of Natural Sciences (Biology, Marine Bio, etc.) Be aware that higher-level courses typically require prerequisites to be completed prior.

What should I do if I’m feeling home-sick? Collapse

Moving can be a challenge when you join our ohana (family) from a different the state. Here are some tips and resources to help you get moving off to a good start!

  • Be involved in Student Life & Development
  • Find networking events at your college or school.
  • Participate in Campus Center Board Activities Council activities
  • Contact someone from the Counseling & Student Development Center

Where can I find housing?

On-campus housing will be provided by Student Housing Services. Students seeking Spring only accommodation should wait for the Spring only application, which is available late in October and November. Don’t complete the application for the academic year.

Off-Campus accommodation is available through a variety of traditional channels, and even though we don’t partner nor endorse one or more of them options, we have listed some alternatives on the internet which you can explore according to your own discretion:

  • Kalo Terrace – University
  • University Manor – University
  • Hale Mahana – University
  • Keauhou Lane – Kaka`ako
  • Waikiki Vista – Waikiki
  • Executive Center Apartments, LLC Downtown Downtown
  • – Searchable database

Do you know if UH Manoa offer my degree?Collapse

Every degree, minor and certificates available at UH Manoa

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