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University of Houston Transfer Acceptance Rate, Tuition and Admission Requirements 2023/2024

Hi Friends, Welcome to JustScholars, today I will be talking about the transfer acceptance rate and admission requirements for University of Houston.

This is the complete guide for transferring to University of Houston. I’ll suggest you read until the end.

I have done all the hard work and researched everything you need to know about transferring to University of Houston.

University of Houston Overview

University of Houston is a public university that was established in 1927. It has an undergraduate student population at 39.165 (fall 2020) Its location is urban, and its campus is 895 acres. It follows a academic calendar based on semesters.

It is the University of Houston is situated in one of the most populated cities in the nation and makes it a great place to search for research and internship opportunities. The campus is situated in downtown Houston and freshmen aren’t required to stay on the campus.

Each year, students transform this campus in to a city known as Fiesta City, just in time to celebrate Frontier Fiesta. Frontier Fiesta, a string of talent shows, concerts cooking contests, cook-offs and much more.

There are over 400 student groups to explore which includes sororities and fraternities. They are the UH Cougars compete in the NCAA Division I American Athletic Conference and are well-known for basketball and football.

The University of Houston empowers students to pursue their passion for learning as well as leadership, discovery and involvement.

The University of Houston is considered to be among the top universities across American, UH is home to award-winning faculty members, ingenuous research centers alumni who have grown into internationally recognized leaders, and is one of the largest student populations in the United States.

There are more than 40 research centers that are part of there are more than 40 centers at the University of Houston is devoted to community and research.

There are many kinds of graduate programs, such as those at the University of Houston Law Center that is well-known for its health law as well as intellectual property laws and also for its law school that is part-time.

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The university also has the C.T. Bauer College of Business and the Cullen College of Engineering, along with other graduate schools. Brothers and actors Randy as well as Dennis Quaid, country singer Kenny Rogers and Olympic track star Carl Lewis attended the University of Houston.

University of Houston Transfer Acceptance Rate

The current transfer acceptance rate for University of Houston is estimated to be  91%

The University of Houston is considered to be one of the most transfer-friendly schools in the state with a 91 percent transfer acceptance rate.

University of Houston Acceptance Rate

University of Houston has an acceptance rate of 62.8% percent. The majority of applicants accepted into University of Houston have an SAT score of between 1120-1310 and an ACT score between 22 and 28.

But, one-quarter of applicants admitted to the university scored higher than these ranges, and one quarter had scores below the scores. The deadline for applications is May 31 , and the cost for application at University of Houston is $75.

University of Houston’s 2023 Rankings

University of Houston is ranked:

  • #179 in National Universities (tie)
  • #112 in Best Colleges for Veterans (tie)
  • #90 in Best Value Schools

University of Houston Scholarships and Financial Aid

UH offers a variety of scholarships to transfer students. The criteria for scholarships varies, however the majority are dependent on academic qualifications.

University of Houston Tuition and Fees:

Total Estimated Tuition and Fees: $11,569 In-State; $26,839 Out-of-State. Board, books, room as well as supplies and indirect expenses can vary depending on the individual’s selections.

University of Houston Information for Transfer In Students

If you’ve completed 15 or more hours transferable of college credit following high school graduation, and you have not been a UH students, then you may apply as a transfer student.

University of Houston Transfer Application Requirements

  • Minimum GPA: In the event that you hold a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 you will be guaranteed admission. When your total GPA falls between 2.25-2.49 Admission is based on an your individual assessment.
  • Official Transcripts: Official transcripts of college from all institutions or colleges that you attended are required.
  • Application Fee: $75 non-refundable
  • Other Requirements: A proof of good standing from previous institutions is required.

Apply Here For A Transfer To the University of Houston

University of Houston Transfer Credit Policy

Minimum Grade: UH can offer transfer credit for all college-levelacademic coursework that has a grades of Cor higher from accredited regional institutions.

Credits (Min/Max): Up to 66 semester credit can be transferred from a two-year college. You must complete thirty credits in UH to obtain an undergraduate degree.

University of Houston Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

How can a current student apply for a class in University of Houston? 

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The Dean of Students Office recommends that all students (both students who are who are new to the university and students currently enrolled) have a meeting an Academic Advisor prior beginning their next semester. After consulting with their advisor, students are able to enroll in myUH .

How many classes can or must an undergraduate student attend in throughout the semester?

Students in undergraduate studies should realize that the college curriculum requires a lot of work outside of the classroom. It is typically recommended to spend 2 hours per hour of class. Click here for more information about the recommendations of the University’s course load.

Do students have to declare a major as soon as they can? What happens if my child isn’t sure what they want to pursue as a major?

The students are not required to declare a major immediately. Students who do not declare an academic major at the time when they are admitted to the University of Houston will be given assistance by UScholars that will allow them to later to make an informed choice on a specific subject of study.

All UScholars students are required to declare their major before the beginning the third year of junior college (60 credits) in the event that they have not declared a major.

Can I view my student’s grade online?

Students can sign in to myUH. Under”academic record” and under the Academic Record tab students can look up the grades they have earned as well as review their grade point average.

We suggest having conversations with your child regarding how they would like to disclose the information. FERPA also known as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act is a federal law that governs the confidentiality of student records as well as the access to the information.

Unless your child has given explicit written permission that specifies the information is available to parents or guardian, you might not have access to their records, like the results of tests and grades.

My student isn’t doing well academically. Is tutoring available on campus?

The University of Houston offers outstanding tools and services at no cost to students in need of academic assistance. Launch–Learning Advancements for Undergraduate Cougars of Houston offers tutoring as well as learning strategies counseling, and sessions on strategies to improve academic performance and personal growth.

Writing Center Writing Center offers one-on-one consultation and other services to help your students develop confidence in their writing skills.

What happens if my student does not get along with his roommate?

Residential Life and Housing assists students in making the transition into the halls of residence with a variety of support. Make sure your student contacts their Resident Advisor who can assist in resolving any issues with roommates.

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What is the date when my student must pay fees for the entire semester?

The Office of Student Business Services Also called”the Bursar’s Office, is responsible for the payment of fees and tuition for accepted students. This includes establishing payment plans to assist students pay off their debts as well as paying the bills.

The office is not involved in the process of financial aid (which is managed through the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid).

What can my student do to be eligible for aid in the form of financial assistance?

Every year, students have to complete an application form for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the Renewal FAFSA to be eligible in federally funded financial aid.

What happens if my child is unable to pay for the necessary textbooks?

UH offers a short-term book loan program with a maximum of $400 for regular semesters (fall/spring) as well as $200 during summer term. Students can apply for the loan through the fee options page at myUH.

I have questions regarding my daughter’s ceremony for graduation (date/time/place).

Commencement ceremonies take place every year in between May and December. The details of your student’s ceremony will be determined by the college they attend.

How can my student obtain tickets to UH sports events?

All UH students are admitted free to games during the regular season. Students must bring the valid Cougar student ID card to gain admission.

How can I go to an event in sports along with my kid?

Tickets for athletic events are available online through the Athletics Department through the University of Houston Ticket Center. Students can purchase tickets for guest athletes.

If my child isn’t registered with the authentic UH sporting team, then how do they be involved in activities?

Intramural Sports offers the opportunity for students to take part in more than 27 activities for teams as well as individuals. This Sport Clubs Program consists of established student associations that have been created to encourage and foster common sports and/or recreational passions.

The purpose of the club is to encourage and enhance skills, participate in competition, promote the leadership of peers, and to enjoy the social and recreational aspects of a particular sport.

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