UNIZIK Departmental Cut Off Mark For 2021/2022

Unizik Departmental Cut Off Mark 2021/2022

What is unizik departmental cut off mark this year? This question is asked by many aspirant of Nnamdi azikiwe university. In this post i will tell you the unizik general cut off mark for post utme, cut of point for departments, faculty general cut off mark and how to calculate your aggregate score.

Unizik General Cut off mark 2021/2022

What is Unizik general cut off mark? The general cut off mark for Nnamdi Azikiwe University is 200

Unizik Faculty Cut Off Mark 2021

Faculties/Programmes with Cut-Off Mark of 180

(a) Agriculture – Agric Econs & Extension, Animal Science & Fisheries, Forestry & Wildlife, Food Science & Technology, Soil Science, Crop Science.

(b) Arts – Igbo, African& Asian Studies, History & International Studies, Linguistics, Music, Philosophy, Modern European Languages, Religion & Human Relations, Theater and Film Studies, and Chinese Studies.

(c) Education – Adult Education, Early

Childhood & Primary Education, Guidance and Counselling, Human Kinetics & Health Education, Library & Information Science, Science Education, and Vocational Education.

(d) Engineering – Agric & Bioresources

Engineering, Polymer &Textiles.

(e) Environmental Sciences – Architecture, Building, Quantity Surveying & Geoinformatics, Fine and Applied Arts,

Environmental management, Estate


(f) Physical Sciences – Mathematics and Statistics only.

(g) Health Sciences and Technology –

Environmental Health only.

(h) Management Sciences – Entrepreneurial Studies only.

Programmes with 160 Cut off

-Technical Education and

-All Affiliate Institutions

Faculties / Programmes with Cut-Off Mark of 200

a. Arts – English Language and Literature

b. Basic Medical Sciences – Anatomy and Physiology

b. Biosciences – Applied Microbiology and Brewing, Applied Biochemistry, Botany,

Parasitology and Entomology and Zoology

c. Education – Educational Foundations,

Educational Management & Policy

d. Engineering – Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronic & Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial & Production Engineering, Metallurgical & Materials Engineering

e. Health Sciences & Technology – Medical Lab Sciences, Nursing Science, Radiography, Medical Rehab (Physiotherapy)

f. Law

g. Management Sciences – Accountancy, Banking & Finance, Business Administration, Cooperative Economics & Management, Marketing, Public Administration

h. Medicine – Medicine

i. Pharmaceutical Sciences – Pharmacy

j. Physical Sciences – Computer Science, Pure &
Industrial Chemistry, Physics & Industrial Physics, Geological Sciences

k. Social Sciences – Economics, Psychology, Political Science, Mass Communication, Sociology/Anthropology.

unizik departmental cut off mark

Unizik Departmental Cut Off Point

Below are the Official UNIZIK Departmental Cut-off Marks Points For 2021/2022 Academic Session.

Med lab 259
Med rehab 248.5
Radiography 262.5
Medicine 293
Pharmacy 282
Nursing 272.5
Anatomy 237.5
Physiology 222.5
Law 254
Accountancy 240
Bank Finance 221
Bus admin 235
Cooperative econs 236
Marketing 203.5
Public administration 230.5
Pol sc 240
Psychology 239
Mass Commucation 245.5
Sociology 233
Economics 252.5
Computer Science 227
Geology 230.5
Mathematics 173.5
Pure and ind Chemistry 171
Physics and ind phy 230
Applied Biochemistry 218
Applied microbiology 213.5
Physics and ind phy 170
Statistics 171
Chemical engineer 250.5
Civil 245
Elect engr 243.5
Electronic/computer engr 251
Industrial prod engr 210.5
Mech engr 243
Material and met engr 209
Polymer 203.5
Architecture 228
Building 172
Environmental mgt 174
Estate mgt 194.5
Fine and applied arts 176.5
Geo met 206.5
Quantity survey 175
Survey and geo 172.5
Adult edu 209.5
econs edu 234
Pol sc edu 213.5
Education Management and Politics 206.5
Edu foundation 201.5
Computer edu 194.5
Vocation edu 196
Technical edu 176
Early childhood edu 170
Guidance and counselling 205.5
Library sc 218
Science edu 203.5
Science edu with biology 210
Edu Chemistry 214
Physics edu 171.5
Physical and Health edu 230
Integrate edu 203.5
Maths edu 171.5
Igbo edu 178
English edu 220
French edu 171
English 235.5
Music 191.5
Igbo 184.5
Chinese 230
History 233.5
Linguistics 217
French and modern euro Language 192.5
Philosophy 217
Religion 212.5
Theatre arts 229.5
Agriculture 193.5
Agric eco and extension 195.5
Food sc 200
Forestry 187.5
Botany 190.5
Parasitology 185
Zoology 194
Agric and bio resource 172.5

How To Calculate Unizik Aggregate Score

How can i calculate my aggregate? its very simple, lets assume you score 55% in post utme and 250 in Jamb. To calculate the aggregate , multiply the post UTME score by 4, Add the sum with your Jamb score and divide by 2.


Post UTME Score=55

JAMB Score =250

Then, 55 X 4=220

220 + 250=470

470/2=345 Which Is Your Aggregate Score.

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  4. The cut off point of faculty of medicine is 293.How is it calculated.Is the 293 cut off point determined after taking also the post UTME into consideration?

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