Where Can I Upload My song For Free Download In Nigeria 2021

Now today we will be looking at this topic: Where Can I Upload My song For Free Download In Nigeria.ย Many Nigerian upcoming artists have been looking for a place that they can upload their song for free download. We all know to upload songs on a different platform which offers free download helps in promoting and making an upcoming artist popular. So if you have not been uploading your songs for free download in Nigeria and your upcoming musician, i am sorry but you’re not moving forward.

where can i upload my song for free download

However, Digital music has created one of the most successful and profitable industry for music. The World Wide Web now makes it very easy for musicians to reach more audience around the world. Music artists can now make music accessible to anyone anywhere in the world and make money in the process. The Nigeria online music sharing website is free to use and will foster the sharing, listening and monetizing of your music online; although the site enforces that everyone who uploads content has the right to do so and if any Copyright is being infringed upon by any user, the track will be taken down once the owner of the audio track submits all necessary evidence that they own the song or audio.ย  Below I will list all the places you can go and upload your music and songs for free download.

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List Of Where You Can Upload Your songs For Free Download In Nigeria 2021

Here are the list starting from the top to the least.

  1. Soundcloud
  2. Jamendo
  3. YouTube
  4. Google Play
  5. Bandcamp
  6. Soundclick
  7. Free Music Archive
  8. AudioMack
  9. NoiseTrade
  10. Your own website

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The above sites give you access to upload your song for free and gain wide publicity but you won’t earn from them or get paid. Those above websites are for an upcoming artist who wants to get their songs to a large audience. Although the websites won’t promote your song or show it to large people. You as the owner of the song have to advertise and promote your song individually using their websites as a means for people to download the songs for free.

This is all I have for this topic: Where Can I Upload My song For Free Download In Nigeria.

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