USC Medical School – Acceptance Rate, Ranking, and More

USC known is full as University of Southern California is an academic institution that is located in the United States. Its Keck School of Medicine is one of the best medical programs. This school of medicine was launched in 1885 and has since been in service till date.

This makes it one of the long-standing universities in California. It is also among the few professional academic establishments at LA-based schools.

The medical school has a growing student population of 1,200 and is specifically known for graduating more female than make. For instance, according to estimation of graduating scholars 2025, the female percentage is expected to be 58%, compared to the male’s 42%.

Even so, the school offers Twenty-four study programs and all of them are based on research. They are divided into clinical and basic programs and keg by 1,500 faculty.

The school also offers a variety of academic programs which includes traditional medicine, Bachelor of Science, Masters and doctorate degree.

It also offers a dual degree-awarding programs; this allows scholars to get an Msc in either Business admin or public health and an M.D.

Another important thing to note about the school is its research-oriented style of education. This is what the whole faculties and department of the medical school literary relies on. A yearly research sponsored by other centres and institutes to the school stands at $230 million.

If you’re interested in studying in this school of medicine, then you’ll be exposed to rigorous coursework in health sciences, with emphasis spanning across neuroscience to cancer.

USC Medical School Acceptance Rate

One of the concerns of a majority of students, especially medical scholars is acceptance rate. Most medical schools comes with a very low acceptance rate hence are competitive and hard to get into. In this case, we’ll be taking a look at University of Southern California keck’s School of Medicine acceptance rate.

The acceptance rate of this school of medicine is just 2.3%. This is mainly influenced by the number of applicants in the application cycle. More so, the school has the same acceptance rate in parity with that of University of Arizona College of Medicine (Tucson), Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine, and Stanford University School of Medicine.

However, this is not the only criteria for gaining admission to study in this prestigious American school. Other factors like undergraduate research and early application also plays an important role.

A good number of students who applied for the medical school participated in undergraduate research during their hunt for the bachelor of science degree. Also, the school also states that the earlier a scholar files in an application, the better the chances of obtaining admission.

USC Medical School Tuition

University of Southern California Keck’s School of Medicine charges tuition fees. The school’s recent tuition is $67,472 but this amount can rise to $100k; rising slightly above or below depending on a student’s taste, for all study expenses in an academic year.

The USC school of medicine also allows scholars to pay tuition and insurance together. $39,150 is charged for local and resident students while $64,494 charges is applied to international students for private-run medical institutions.

Moreover, according to University of Southern California Keck’s School of Medicine 80% its students are on financial aid funding. On top of this, several financial aid opportunities including scholarships abound for students to take advantage of.

University of Southern California Keck’s School of Medicine Requirements

University of Southern California Keck’s School of Medicine has some academic requirements that should be met by students. First things first, an applicant is expected to complete an applicant via AMCAS. 

This is known in full as American Medical College Application Service. Other academic documents needed are MCAT, (a must), three letter of recommendations and transcript. The former is expected to be recent and within months of application.

It is noteworthy that the school also conducts interviews and this is done on a “closed-file” system. Another Pros that comes with the medical school is automatic admission to an M.D programs. 

This happens when a candidate is unsuccessful when applying for combined M.D./Ph.D. Also, there is nothing like wait list so if you’re not given admission, you are to apply once again.

In 2025 class, 186 admitted students had a median MCAT score of 517 out of 528 and an average undergraduate GPA of 3.8. 

USC Medical School Ranking

One of the most important factors to watch out for in every school is ranking. Through this, scholars will be able to ascertain the quality of education the school they are applying for parades.

In this case, University of Southern California Keck’s School of Medicine ranks as the 29th best in terms of medical research universities across the country – this is according to the United States News and World Report. It is in parity with Oregon Health and Science University for the position.

This American school also ranks as the 46th best medical school in terms of Primary Care, on a tie with five others. This school also occupies the 26th spot on most diverse medical schools, on a tie with one other educational establishment.

Moreover, University of. Southern California tied for 98th along with Osaka University in Japan and the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom.


Gaining admission to Medicine can be rigorous and difficult. This applies to most schools in the United States, including University of Southern California Keck’s School of Medicine.

To help you make a more informed decision, this post has explained the school’s acceptance rate, tuition, academic requirements, and ranking.

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